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Forums - Website Topics - Welcome to VGCharts!! (first thread ever created on VGC)

VAMatt said:
deskpro2k3 said:
I stumbled on this site by accident looking for Final Fantasy VII Remake news in 2009.

I stumbled in here when looking for Destiny news in 2016.  I'm guess that's how a lot of people ended up here - an article or post somewhere talking about sales linked to this site.  

And I guess I necro bumped this thread.....  Oops.  

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onionberry said:
holy shit I was 12 when this thread was posted, trolling on myspace and ign forums. nostalgia bomb.

Shut up Becky!

See? This is the kinda thing I was talking about yesterday. Attention to detail and commitment to a bit that spanned years. A complete backstory, evolving life, and even planning for the future....Ooooo! I'm from New York. I'm a nurse. I work in the ER. Oooo yeah! I was mugged on the subway. I'm from Italy. My family moved to the US when I was 7. Should I move to Arizona? Here's my new tattoo. I'm a tattoo artist. Yeeeaaah, yeahh! I'm gonna expose my butthole on Jimmy Fallon.....I'm still not convinced that it wasn't a "real" account, and the girl behind it decided to go out as a jerk. I remember even more than this. I have knack for recalling all kinds of things, as I've shown on occasion in various posts. Like in the mod thread! I know lots about YOU too. Don't forget it! Tough guy!

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I suppose I should comment on here, just so I can be a part of the first thread...


Go Seahawks!

Ooo, I want to be a part. Anyway, I found this place when the PS3 vs 360 was heating up and I was looking for sales numbers on both. Lurked for quite awhile and then eventually joined. Fun times.

where am I 

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