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Delusional said:

What are you even talking about? Most bluray uses the same VC-1 codec as HD DVD. Bluray max is 50gig. Well, guess what. HD DVD is now 51gig APPROVED. Plus, the yield rate is 95% for 30gig for HD DVD, BD25 is only 80%, and BD50 is 50-60%. All specs are set for HD DVD such as all players being web-enabled (firmware upgradable through the required ethernet port), PiP enabled and all the 1080p 2ndgen and up players support 1080p24. Plus, hardware is required to have trueHD support, unlike bluray which does PCM and trueHD is only optional. Which means even if a bluray disc has lossless uncompressed audio, it doesn't mean the player can output that. Bluray profile 1.1 player doesn't even exist yet and some smaller studios had to delay their release because of production problems with bluray and compatibility issues with all players currently in the market.  And don't even start with the $299 Funai.  The "prototype" they showed at CEDIA isn't even a working version so don't expect it this holiday season, whereas Venturer is already releasing a sub-$199MSRP HD DVD player.  (And don't forget a lot of WB films that are coming out on both bluray and HD DVD are not exactly the same.  All features bluray has, HD DVD has as well.  But it's not true the other way around since PiP is not ready yet, and BD-J is costly and difficult to code.)  Please get your facts straight before you make any outrageous claims.

I would like to see a link for a 51 GB HD-DVD seems like a very odd number?

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NorthStar said:

I would like to see a link for a 51 GB HD-DVD seems like a very odd number?

It isn't finalized yet, but they are working on a triple layer HD-DVD which packs 17gb on each layer: