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Metroid Prime - 9.3/10
MGS1 - 8.7/10
FF IV (DS) - 9/10

Diablo 2: LOD - 9
Metroid Prime Pinball - 7
Bionic Commando Rearmed - Immortal

Bionic Commando: ReArmed - 9.6
Braid - 10
World of Warcraft - 9.4

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GRID - 9.6/10
Condemned - 7.5/10
Call of Duty 3 - 8.8/10

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Gears Of War 9.5/10
Soul Calibur 4 7/10
GTA4 9/10

Advance Wars Days of Ruin - 8/10
Big Brain Academy - 7/10
Animal Crossing Wild World - 9/10

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Braid - 9.5/10


  • Fantastic art
  • Brilliant puzzle design
  • Great music and the fact time affects music makes it even better
  • Mind blowing ending


  • Too short, I want more!
  • Stars are pointless and stupid hard to get
  • Platforming aspects could be better

Geometry Wars 2 - 9.0/10 (though I do like this game better than Braid)


  • Takes everything in Geometry Wars Evolved and makes it better
  • Lots of different game modes
  • Multiplayer is a fantastic addition


  • You have to unlock all the game modes
  • Even if you unlock all the game modes in single player you still have to unlock them in multiplayer
  • Don't bother playing on a non-HD TV or a small TV

World of Warcraft 8.0/10


  • Quests flow really naturally and it's easy to just quest all day long
  • Nice art direction
  • Easy to use interface that is also free to tweak as much as you want
  • Doesn't seem to be plagued by gold farmers like other MMO's (or at least as much)


  • It feels like a single player MMO, FFXII pulled that effect better (yes I meant to say XII and not XI).  I play MMO's to interact with people and WoW almost seems to discourage that unless you're doing some kind of raid or trying to own a n00b.
  • It's so easy
  • Confusing stats and attributes



Whoops, forgot I started playing WoW again this weekend so I guess that takes up FFIVDS's stop (though I'll still keep that down here)

Final Fantasy IV DS 9.0/10


  • Everything you love about FFIV here
  • Increased difficulty is nice
  • Voice acting and in game cut scenes are nice
  • Correctly translated script


  • Everything you hate about FFIV here
  • Boss counterattacks suck
  • By fully rendered beautiful CG cut scenes they mean two (I assume two, one at the end and one at the beginning) beautifully rendered CG cut scenes.
  • No real new additions
  • Multiplayer/Wi-fi is lame

tenchu z--7/10

i hold a soft spot for these games b/c you either love them or hate them..if you enjoy sneaking and waiting to get teh perfect kill ts your type of game

-lost some points for graphics
-lost some points for no subtitles on opening song

+gained for having the original sound track with subtitles for the game
+loved the custom characters

Halo 3--6/10

i am a halo junkie but that dose not mean i am blind

-the story was lacking from the build up of halo 2
-hate..hate..hate...spaz mode with grave and cor
-graphics seem to be just a step better then halo 2

+great multi player


loved the single player but was to short and online is buggy

-spotty online
-unbalanced final smashes

+custom stages
+even if its spotty is nice compared to bots


the world ends with you 9/10
lost in blue 3 10/10
brawl 10/10

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