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Forums - Sony Discussion - Will GTA6 run at 60fps on PS5 PRO ?


Will GTA6 run at 60fps on PS5 PRO ?

It would run at 4k 60fps. 5 16.13%
It would run at 1440p 60fps. 8 25.81%
It would run at 1080p 60fps. 5 16.13%
Noooo waaaay. 13 41.94%

Well, it seems there are a lot of leaks that say it won't.
Simply want to know your opinion at this point.

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I made the poll, but for some reason I can't see it.

GTA6 is a game we know next-to-nothing about (in terms of how demanding it'll be). And the PS5 Pro is a console we don't know the specs of.

So with all that in mind, I can very confidently say that GTA6 will run at a consistent 60fps on PS5Pro.

GTA 6 is probably gonna be heavy on the CPU and the upgrade there will be tiny so unless GPU power is the issue then at best it'll be a more stable 30.

I'm guessing no. I'm guessing 60 fps for GTA is 4080 or 4090 territory.


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The CPU improvement on the PS5 Pro, at least from the leaks so far, is not much of an upgrade. A game of this size will be very taxing on the CPU, akin to Dragon's Dogma 2 where there's so much continuous backgrounded processes happening in real time that the GPU wouldn't be handling since it wouldn't be displaying them yet.

I trust Rockstar to optimize the game a lot more than Dragon's Dogma 2, but I think it will be a solid 30fps at best.

I would say yes, otherwise what's even the freaking point of making a Pro model.

People who own a 4080 or better are like 0.5% of the market.

It is going to be on a XBox Series S presumably at 30 fps, so we know it can scale down to a 4 teraflop machine. 

If it's not running at 60 FPS on the base consoles because of a CPU bottleneck then it won't run at 60 on the Pro. We'll have to wait and see honestly. We barely know anything about this game.

Major caveat: PC is only 60 fps with DLSS, lol.
PS5 Pro will be a stable 30 fps, the CPU is not good enough. The GPU gains will be used for higher textures and ray tracing, but will probably use upscaling to.

More Yes votes than I expected😊