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What is your most hyped game from the 5/30 State Of Play?

Alien: Rogue Incursion (PSVR2, PC) 16 3.55%
Astro Bot (PS5) 227 50.33%
Concord (PS5, PC) 10 2.22%
Dynasty Warriors Origins (PS5, PC, XB) 28 6.21%
God of War: Ragnarok (PC) 22 4.88%
Monster Hunter Wilds Gameplay (PS5, PC, XB) 40 8.87%
Path of Exile 2 (PS5, PC) 17 3.77%
Silent Hill 2 Remake (PS5) 81 17.96%
Skydance's Behemoth (PSVR2) 5 1.11%
Until Dawn Remastered (PS5, PC) 5 1.11%

What game peaked your interest the most from the State of Play? This thread is specifically for the weekly poll. The actual topic is over here

I did have to limit the games listed. I edited down the list based off of reactions I've seen on here and on other websites. I was contemplating taking Concord out of the poll since most of the reactions weren't so great but since it is Sony first party, I left it in there. 

  • Concord (PS5, PC)
  • God of War Ragnarok (PC)
  • Astro Bot (PS5)
  • Monster Hunter Wilds Gameplay (PS5, PC, XB)
  • Silent Hill 2 Remake Release Date (PS5)
  • Dynasty Warriors Origins (PS5, PC, S|X)
  • Path of Exile 2 (PS5, PC)
  • Until Dawn Remastered (PS5, PC)
  • Alien: Rogue Incursion (PSVR2, PC)
  • Skydance's Behemoth (PSVR2)
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Astrobot and POE2, ... and monster hunter wilds, looking much much better than Rise, it looked like a legit followup to worlds.

Concord looks barely okay. Marvel VS's looked really poor. Too many Hero Shooters.
One or both likely to flop.

I'm super hyped for POE2, but its not the first time I've seen gameplay from it.
Meanwhile Astrobot looked fantastic. This is a "mario" moment imo (ei. birth of a playstation platformer, that could grow to a large number of sales).

As somebody who tends to skip out on PS titles, AstroBot is a day one purchase. Looks like it’ll be a lot of fun! Very refreshing to see this title amidst a sea of generic Triple AAA experiences. (Not to say all the titles showcased were this way….though a large chunk definitely left a poor taste in my mouth.)

I've no faith in MH wilds, that's for sure. After playing Rise it'll be impossible to go back to the tanky sluggishness and they seem to have made no effort to implement anything from rise let alone the agility and fast moving pace.

Definitely Astro Bot. Hopefully it does well enough to encourage more 3D platformers with good production values to get made.

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I'm sure Astrobot will be fun, but I'll first have to get over not being able to play it in VR :/

I'm into VR, I like seldomly to shit my pants on horror stuff, I guess the new Alien Rogue Incursion is exactly for me !

Otherwise, Dynasty Warrior Origins is definitely the biggest surprise of the show. Looks like they went back on the drawing boards after that awful DW9 and it's at least looking fresher than before.
Astro Boy could be the sleeper hit for a platform that definitely needs of these kind of games more often. I'm a bit saddened by no VR implementation this time around. The original thrived on it. Kind of seem they want to double down on aspects of the Playroom game with the tech and IP references angle. Hopefully more so for marketing reason than what the game really has to offer.

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"Where the Winds Meet" blew me away! I’m ready to channel my inner ancient Chinese warrior and blow through those beautifully crafted landscapes like a leaf in the breeze. Plus, any game that lets me pretend I have the grace and agility of a martial artist while in reality I can't do a backflip is a win in my book. I’ll be out there mastering the way of the wind… or, you know, trying not to trip over my own feet.

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Easily Astro Bot for me, just hopefully Asobi later announce it will be VR compatible. Astro Bot Rescue mission was and still the best 3D platformer I've ever played!!! (Coming from someone that played and loved Jak, Mario, Crash, Donkey Kong and Sackboy)