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Forums - PC Discussion - The Last of Us Remake is impressive

I didn't expect that it would have lots of new added details and effects. My i7-4770 and 6600XT run it quite well at 1080p High settings. I remember playing TLoU for the first tine in 2017 on PS3 and not believing my eyes that the PS3 could render those grafix but this remaster obviously looks miles better.

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Launch technical issues worked out?

The remaster is on the PS4, you probably meant TLOU Part I ?

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KLAMarine said:

Launch technical issues worked out?

You still need beefier PC to match PS5 settings and resolution, but you can ease up GPU load with FSR and DLSS which is absent on PS5 version. 

Game is totally playable now, with highest quality textures working even on 8 GB GPU's no issue, also FSR 3 frame gen is soon coming to PC version.

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I'm waiting for a sale and would like to pick it up. I'm assuming I can come close to 2k/4k 120 fps at max settings.  Such a great game.

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does anyone else feel they're going to re release 1 and 2 again after part 3 comes out on the ps6?

Sony knows how to do remasters and Last of Us proves this. I wish they would do the same thing for the Killzone series.