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Forums - Sales Discussion - Granblue Fantasy : Relink has sold 1 million copies Worldwide after 11 days

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Congrats to the team. Especially given the troubled development period with the delays and what not. Its great to see the game have some success! Really nice conclusion to this story.

As of today its sold at least 1,000,001 copies.

Congrats to Cygames, definitely deserves the sales. JRPGs are on a nice streak!

I still need to try out the demo, but the game looks pretty good.

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Good milestone !

Was worried it wasn't gonna achieve more than half of this but the good PC Steam sales and good FW week in Japan probably contributed the most here.

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I love the games released this year so far.

Played the demo, a really great game.
Congratulation on a deserved sales!

Love to see that this game is having such good selling numbers