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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Japanese video game company stock performance 2023

From the 1/4 all the way till 12/29, last trading day of 2023 in Tokyo

Thanks Dr serkan toto (twitter)

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Sony as a whole or SIE only?

Last edited by wohufana - on 30 December 2023

wohufana said:

Sony as a whole or SIE only?

Considering it's company stock, I would say Sony as a whole, but it's gaming division did mostly quite well this year. Odd that Capcom only has seen small growth considering they have a promising line-up and their franchises are more popular than ever and getting great reviews. Square only being down 20% is a blessing for them I guess. Though a lot depends on whether FFVII Rebirth can deliver, if sales are mediocre I can see the stock falling much more, unless dragon quest is around the corner.

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It's quite obvious that despite the declining hardware sales, Nintendo's venture into other media avenues and strong software sales keeps their stock as strong as it is

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My grandfather would have loved this topic. But for myself I do not pay attention to stocks but they are important because they decide a lot of what happens in the gaming industry.


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Konami having such a huge jump in value and remaining one of the largest video game-affiliated companies in Japan is kind of a middle finger to the folks who spent 2015-2017 hash-tagging "ahideokojimagame" on every post by or about them.