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Forums - Gaming Discussion - The lack of first party games from sony in 2024

As everyone probably knows, Sony only released a single first party game in 2023. I'm not including MLB in this calculation since it's an annual game. It was confirmed by Sony itself in recent financial reports that they have postponed some of their first party games scheduled for this fiscal year. According to some rumors, Sony Studios are experiencing several problems. A more recent rumor suggests that the last of us factions has had its development halted. 2023 is coming to an end and we don't have any confirmed games for 2024. Obviously I'm not including partnerships like final fantasy, rise of the ronin and helldivers as these studios are not from Sony

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Well they decided to focus on AAA games only, so there will be long waits now and then.

Not sure why it would matter whether a Sony studio is developing the game or not: as long as Sony is the publisher, it's really all the same.

For 2024, based on what Sony is actually publishing (whether they release this year is another thing):

TloU2 Remaster, Lost Soul Aside, Convallaria,, Stellar Blade, Rise of Ronin, Helldivers 2, Concord

As for their own studios, they can spend their time cooking if they want. AAA game development takes a long time. Just the way it is

A few corrections:

Sony also launched Horizon Call of the Mountain (albeit a VR game). 

TLOU Online is still somewhat in development.

Concord is a first party game that is confirmed for next year. 

I think there are a lot of issues that are contributing.

1.) Sony is leaning more towards shorter marketing cycles. There are more games that are being announced with months of notice. There are still some with a couple years like Wolverine, but those have been the exception, instead of the norm. I would absolutely expect more announcements for the second half of the year. 

2.) Game development is taking longer. Putting out a game every couple years is becoming difficult, whereas it used to be the norm. A single team normally takes like 4-8 years to put out a game now. You can kind of get around that by having multiple projects in different stages of development, but some of SIE's studios don't seem to be doing that currently such as SIE Bend, Sucker Punch. 

3.) To a great extent, Sony would rely more on smaller games (they've since closed the studios that made a lot of smaller titles) and also they would publish a ton of third party titles. I know this thread is specifically about first party titles, but if you look at 2006 or 2013 or any year before late PS4 era, you would find tons of published games that are actually made by third party studios. And this weaker first party year isn't actually pretty normal. Like 2016 was pretty much just Uncharted 4. 

Funny how the only games that counts now has to be made specifically by first party studio but just last generation 3rd party exclusives like tomb raider, sun set overdrive, dead rising 4 and many more was counted and was brag worthy. The goal post keeps moving lol.

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If they ever release a bad 1 player game, maybe I'll get a tiny bit concerned, for now the last non banger they released was Day's Gone which I did enjoy despite some negative reviews.

Its hard to feel concerned about the lack of PlayStation Studios titles in 2024 with how strong their output has been this generation.

Also, having qualifiers for what counts as first party is more nuanced than just in house development teams. Sony owns the Helldivers and Death Stranding IP. Why wouldn't those count as first party games? Its a much different situation than say Silent Hill 2 or FFVII Rebirth. Third party partnerships have always been a staple for PlayStation platforms.

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I'm a little concerned as to what's happening in there. It's getting a little dry here with no bangers in sight. What kind of trouble are they in? Are they pivoting heavily to multiplayer and gaas crap?

Xdev is co-developing Rise of Robin, but that's about it. Still with Rise of Ronin, FFVII rebirth and Granblue and Helldivers. I don't think the situation for Q1/Q2 is bad for PlayStation. Still their own studios should release something by Q3/Q4

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Hopefully it just means games won't be announced until shortly before release. Nintendon*mostly* does this strategy (with some exceptions). It gives your fans a sense of *anything could happen any moment* when you consistently announce anf shadow drop a game in 50% of your directs or so, when you unveilna brand new game and that its coming out in a couple months (like Paper Mario The Origami King or Super Mario RPG Remake), prevents fans from being let down knowing something is coming years ahead of time but having no updates, and has success with sales.

I know a lot argue announcing years ahead us to recruit talent. That may be changing now. The industry had fired over 9,000 devs this year and there is a lot of talent for dev studios to pull from now of they want to hire and they don't have to worry about announcing something ahead of time to get better talent now.