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Forums - Movies & TV - Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga Trailer

The previous film was an instant classic. This footage doesn't blow me away like that did but hopefully it holds up in the end. Interesting seeing our two leads play against type.

What do you think?

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I defiantly looking forward to watching this. Mad Max Fury Road was amazing. Not many movies have impress me with both it Visuals and it Sound and on top have a story I liked, Mad Max Fury Road is one of those few. As long as George Miller is directing which he is, I have faith that this movie will be great also.

Didnt love the trailer tbh. But im still looking forward to it.

Hmmm... not sure about this.
Fury Road was a masterpiece, and the visuals and action here look promising, plus Miller in the director's chair is a good sign, but Anya Taylor Joy as a badass warrior woman? I dunno, maybe she'll pull it off, she's a good actress, but it's a bit outside her usual range and physical look.

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This is the film I am most excited for in 2024.


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I hope the guitar guy or someone similar is in it.

Meh. I didnt like Fury Road either, so this is probably not for me.