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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Your favorite console trailers/teasers/reveals?

The reveal of a new system is probably one of the biggest things in gaming, for both players and companies.

Now, with most people having internet, watching a trailer for a new console is much easier, and those videos usually get millions of views. So, what are the best console reveals in your opinion?

It can be a trailer, or a teaser too.

Here are mines:

Project Scarlett (Xbox Series X)

I don't know why, but even not being a console gamer, this got me really excited. Maybe it's the way they talk about the possibilities of the next-gen hardware. It's from E3 2019.

Wii U

Nintendo is usually really good at showing what their consoles can do. This trailer from 2011 is a nice showcase, but I don't know if we were able to see everything the Wii U could do...

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After endless speculation and amidst the dark days of the late Wii U era, the Switch reveal felt like the first rains after a long drought

Switch reveal was an absolute banger. The hybrid nature is so cool and let's not forget the software on display.

3DS reveal was cool as well, if more over-the-top. 

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Final Fantasy XIII trailer. I don’t even play the ff games or jap rpgs. I just read about ffxiii in a magazine and was hyped up. I watched the trailer probably 2 dozen times. Didn’t play much of it but I loved that trailer!

This one still

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They're quite dated now, as you'd expect from any pop culture artifact nearly twenty years on, but the early Wii ads were iconic.

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