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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Which game were you more excited for when revealed, Mario Bros Wonder or Super Mario Odyssey?


Which game were you more excited for when revealed?

Super Mario Odyssey 34 65.38%
Super Mario Bros Wonder 18 34.62%

What were you guys more excited for?

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Odyssey by far. Wonder looks good, but nothing like freaking Odyssey.

Odyssey for sure.

It and Pokemon Sword made me want to get a Switch (and were two of my first games when I bought my Switch back in 2020).

They both have a unique peculiarity. Super Mario Odyssey was the first 3D Mario game in the sand-box style in a long time (the last one had been Super Mario Sunshine). On the other hand, Super Mario Bros. Wonder is first 2D Mario game that doesn't recycle the "New" style in a long time, as well. So they both look like a breath of fresh air

Don’t get me wrong, I am super excited for Super Mario Bros Wonder but Super Mario Odyssey was on par with my excitement for Super Mario 64, which not much can match that level of hype as a kid.

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Odyssey easily, but wonder still looks great and breath of fresh air for the 2d games. I'm excited to see if it can have the biggest first week ever for a nintendo game.

Super Mario RPG remake easily and its not even a competition.

But out of this 2 I guess Odyssey. When it was first announced I really liked the trailer, got excited, felt the hype. And even tho I liked Wonder's trailer, and I do like more 2D Mario than I do 3D Mario games, I dont feel the same excitement I used to. Having that said, im also more aware im no longer the target audience for these games, I feel Ive maybe outgrown them, or just moved on with my tastes, but I just dont like them as much as I used, so that has a lot do with it. SMRPGre is an exception because I love the original, thats just really it.

I don't give a flying fuck about Wonder. Odyssey looked batshit insane in a cool way and that's what pulled me towards it. Felt like the first true successor to 64 while also being a tribute to World and the series in general. Wonder just looks to me like another New SMB game (at least they changed the art style and no more wah wah shit music) and those controlled like an ass for how slippery they were.

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Odyssey for me

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Odyssey by a landslide, which has cool 2D sections in it as well! I like to explore most of all and that's just very limited in 2D. There is one big advantage though, can't get lost while playing high and Wonder seems to be tailor made for that ;)