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Forums - General Discussion - Do you like kids ?


Do you like kids ?

I love kids. 31 67.39%
I hate kids. 15 32.61%


Do you like children?

Not my own children, but neighborhood children.

I live near an elementary school.

I know most women like children, but since we are all men here, I thought I would ask.

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Legit. HARD NO. Can't stand them. Oblivious. Loud. Dirty. The 3 things I hate most are all in kids.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

Leynos said:

Legit. HARD NO. Can't stand them. Oblivious. Loud. Dirty. The 3 things I hate most are all in kids.

 Yeah, you will be a tough dad.

I love kids. So cute and full of curiosity and innosence. Sure, kids can be loud, stinking, dirty savages. But I only have them in small doses, non of my own. If that ever becomes a reality, perhaps my mind will change about them. But so far, e.g. at family gatheringsn, or when they come up to me in public transport, I always try to interact with them. And I always find it to be very pleasent.

Kids are great! As long as I don't need to discipline them myself, they always act well behaved around me. Kids are hilarious, curious, and full of energy, traits I aspire to be in my daily life.

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I'm a kindergarten teacher so... what do you think?

Kids are great! After helping raise my niece and nephew to now having a 2 year old daughter of my own, it's a very rewarding experience. From the perspective a non-parent though, it's a certainly a mixed bag lol. Depends on who's raising them and how attentive they are during the child's upbringing. You might be around a kid who's screaming their head off, rolling around in the dirt or a child who's just wants to play and have fun. The latter is the best! I never get tired of being around kids like that that's literally my cardio

I'm gonna miss these days my daughter is currently in.

All kids are great, as they remind you of how simple life was at that age.

However, I don't put myself in risky situations, so I don't interact with them unless they approach my son and me. It is bad enough that people ask all the time is this your child just because my son has a different skin tone to me lol.

I think my view is like that because in my 20s my next door neighbour's kid was playing on the road and his mum was just sitting their on the porch with no care in the world. Next minute a car turned up my road and was flying up towards were the kid was playing. Lucky I was mowing the lawn and quickly ran out and grabbed the kid. All I got was a don't you fucking touch my kid verbal blast for 5mins. Not a thank you for saving his life. Some people are just mental that way.




I dont care for kids.