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Forums - Sony Discussion - Dreams support ending September 30th, Media Molecule shifting to a new project


"As we continue to evaluate and evolve our priorities for the studio and Dreams, we’ve made the difficult decision to discontinue live support for Dreams after 1st September, 2023 to shift our focus to an exciting new project. You’ll continue to be able to play, create and share Dreams with others after September, but we won’t be releasing any more updates to the game or events such as DreamsCom, All Hallows’ Dreams or the Impy Awards"

"Is the studio working on Dreams 2?

Media Molecule is working on a new project. We are not ready to talk about this yet, we can confirm that it is not Dreams 2, or the Dreams IP."

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Horrible support from Sony.

This game needed a PS5 and PC release to boost the player and creator base.

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Very disappointing news. I love dreams and play it almost every week at least once. That there was so little support and new content from MM themselves was a bit of a letdown. But I am sure they did everything they could with the resources they were given. And that is the big letdown for me: Minecraft sells a bajillion copies, roblox is super popular and dreams languishes. With heavier investment, sony support and more time it could have been something.

But the design was cumbersome, the tools were complicated, the learning required to actually make a full level (of anything) was insane. So they fu*ked up themselves aswell.

In minecraft you can do very little. But people made mindbending things with it. In dreams there are tools for everything. But people did not care. Perhaps that is also something to keep in mind for anybody ever trying to make a user generated content game: don't be too ambitious with your toolset. Give them a little and see where the community might need more. I honestly think if they released dreams 4 years earlier with a quarter of the tools, it might have done better.

That’s unfortunate. MM definitely has something to build on if Sony provides them the resources they need. Hopefully MM gets another crack at a creation tool game, but, they’ll have to make sure to have PC support on day 1. Any game creation type games never survive without the PC audience, just because of console limitations. Maybe they could even add integration between console and PC so console is always able to get content created on PC.

Its hard for Media Molecule to generate revenue from Dreams with its current model. The only real chance it had was a multiplayer update, that released with a PlayStation 5/PC port, and perhaps added additional story content, while being available on PlayStation Plus Extra/Premium.

It was a fun game to jump into, and the community events/engagement was great, but it was never something I played for more than an hour at most. I'm not sure a multiplayer update would've made the game more popular, but it was something I remember MM promising post launch, so its a shame they couldn't keep their word on it.

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They haven't even offered Dreams as a PS Plus Monthly game yet. It is like they are just content to sit and watch it die.

Please Watch/Share this video so it gets shown in Hollywood.

This game was pretty much a disaster on all levels, for people who aren't artists or familiar with how to make games.

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