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Forums - Sales Discussion - Elden Ring tops 20 Million units

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Total worldwide shipments and digital sales for Elden Ring have surpassed 20 million units, publisher Bandai Namco and developer FromSoftware announced.
It was last reported to have shipped 16.6 million units as of June 30, 2022, meaning it sold an additional 3.4 million units since.

Well deserved.
It's an amazing game. I know several people who dislike other Fromsoft games such as Bloodborne, but fell in love with Elden Ring.
Just hope they announce some DLC soon.

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The game really deserves it. My only issue with it is the random drops to 1 fps every once in a while, have the same problem with New World, no idea why.

I still have over 250 hours in the game and that will surely go up once DLC is released and I try a few Mods. Exploring the map and discovering how insanely huge it is, was a fantastic experience during release. Right up there with playing Breath of the Wild or Xenoblade Chronicles for the first time.

Now please, port Bloodborne to PC.

It's great to see the success Fromsoft is having with Elden Ring. I've never enjoyed another open world game as much as I did Elden Ring. Hopefully we'll get some kind of DLC announcement in the near future so I'll have an excuse to go back to the game.

Nice. Great game. Great numbers.

I finally got around to playing it starting six weeks ago. Still playing it, with about 130 hours into it. While I may not replay it again for a very long time because of the time investment, the time I've spent playing it has been very enjoyable.


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