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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Biggest surprise so far!


Biggest surprises so far!?

Konami releasing a sh*t ton of Silent Hill 7 22.58%
Hi-Fi Rush shadow drop just like Apex Legend 9 29.03%
Hogwarts Legacy actually Good!? 4 12.90%
Forspoken having mediocre reviews 0 0%
StarWars:Jedi and The Las... 0 0%
Rumored e3 2023 no Sony/Xbox/nintendo 2 6.45%
Live Service games dying ... 1 3.23%
The Last of Us HBO series... 3 9.68%
Microsoft massive layoffs 4 12.90%
Switch outselling Gameboy... 1 3.23%

Yes the year has just begun but man we are already at friggin Feb!

And a lot of surprises has hit us in the late 2022 and 2023!

What surprised u the most!?

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Konami announcing a remastered version of Suikoden 1 and 2. Tho it kinda looks more like a remake with all that graphic overhaul. That is wild.

I don't really think the layoffs at Microsoft are massive. But, whether they are or not, it definitely isn't a surprise to anyone. Big tech has been laying off people like crazy for the last few months.

Nothing really. The year is too young. Nothing has surprised me yet. The closest I guess is that I keep seeing City Connection announce more Saturn Shmup ports to Switch. That's really cool to me. I've also just been playing Saturn shmups the last few days on my Japanese Saturn. So that makes me happy as a Switch owner as well.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

Probably Hogwarts being good. The initial trailer I thought screamed the developer was out of their depth. Some of the scenes had crazy low framerate drops in that trailer.

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Gotta be the shadow drop of great game Hi Fi Rush out of nowhere. Konami all of a sudden announcing actual games comes in 2nd.

Always expected Hogwarts Legacy to be good, no surprises here

Also always expected TLOU tv show to be good, HBO knows how to make good shows

Voted for Microsoft lay offs

I went hi rush. The rest was fairly predictable.
Okay I didn't expect a shit down of silent hill, but I did expect one or two of them.

You are bound to love Earthbound.

Hi-Fi prolly being the actual only surprising elements of this year I'd say.
Though, this year is so freaking young that my claim could change tomorrow seeing we just had a Nintendo Direct announced lol

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Hogwarts being good was my biggest surprise coz I thought it would be buggy as hell or not live up to expectations!

Unlike cyber2077 the most hyped game under delivered so badly!