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Forums - General Discussion - Most Frightful Anime moments

Trunks and Friza war Cries Japanese feels like devil

Kinf Cold shocking expression when his son dies in front of him Mexico version, and rest 1:30 second video

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Scariest female meltdown screech from breaking mentally. Bocchi the Rock. Watch all 0:24 seconds.

The sound of Beam blasting out of earth and traveling to farthest other side of the galaxy by Vegeta scared me with that evil japanese song

Probably when Tetsuo’s rib cage melted and his guts fell out. Or maybe when his guts came to life and started growing and he crushed all those people, including his girlfriend‘a skull which exploded into bone and gore.



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Griffith’s sacrifice in Berserk

edit: added some valentines cards for that special someone ❤️ 

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This guy from King of Braves GaoGaiGar.

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