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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - What type of Call Of Duty games do you think we'll see on Switch? (Or Successor)


What type of Call of Duty games will be on Switch?(Or Successor)

Same Current Gen Ports PS/Xbox are getting 17 68.00%
Older gen Ports/Remasters from Xbox 360/PS3 2 8.00%
COD Mobile Port(s) 1 4.00%
Cloud Versions Of COD 1 4.00%
Other(Comment) 4 16.00%

So what type of COD games do you think will jump to Switch or its successor? Do you think the Switch will receive the same native current gen COD games PS/Xbox are receiving on the same day? Or see ports/remasters of the 360/ps3 CODs on Switch? COD Mobile? Or Cloud versions of COD(Please No).

Phil Spencer may have hinted at Switch receiving the same current gen games since I think he did state that the Switch will be getting the COD games the same day it releases on other platforms. However, this could easily be just cloud versions or maybe just other COD games that might not be considered current gen releasing the same day as switch, but we'll see.

Imo, I think we're gonna see the Switch receive the same current gen ports most likely natively running since Phil made a bold statement stating that the Switch will receive the same release on the same day, and I just don't get the vibe from Microsoft that they'd announce this if it were cloud versions, but I could easily be wrong. Also, I don't think it's completely outlandish to think that those games can't get optimized to work on Switch, we've already seen quite a bit of impossible ports on Switch like Witcher 3, Doom, even stuff like Apex Legends. And we've seen Call Of Duty get ported to the Wii/DS from the 360/PS3, which was a gap way bigger than from Switch to PS4.

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If it does close, the Activison acquisition won't go through into much later this year.
Work on COD for Nintendo won't start until after that, and the porting process takes time, so by the time it's done, Switch's successor will most likely have arrived.
There's a good chance that a next gen Switch releasing in late 2023 or 2024 will be more than capable of handling ports of current gen COD.

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If the Next-Gen Switch is capable of running the yearly release games reasonably OK ... then I think they'll just get those.

If Switch power or weaker than next gen console, probably like Fifa, call it similar names, but features will be missing.

If more power or equal to next gen, direct ports make sense if it easy to port.

Switch 2 will get native ports with stuff like fewer players, simplified geometry, blurrier textures and such.

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I would like to see enhanced ports of the 7th gen titles, some of them were absolute bangers.

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I wouldn't mind seeing the ones Nintendo missed since Wii U last game lol.



On the Switch successor I'd say it'll get the new games. Maybe Switch itself will still get a remaster of an older one but I doubt it.

Pemalite said:

I would like to see enhanced ports of the 7th gen titles, some of them were absolute bangers.


Some Modern warfare trilogy or black ops compilations with improvements will be great.

Give me World at War. Love the setting too much!