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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Octopath Traveler or Triangle Strategy?


Which is better?

Octopath Traveler 10 52.63%
Triangle Strategy 9 47.37%

Which of team Asano's two HD-2D outings on Switch do you think is the better game, and why?

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Objectively, it's Triangle Strategy. I prefer OT gameplay because I prefer playing turn-based than strategy games but most of the elements in the later game are just much more refined than what you had Octopath.

Though, to me it only means the sequel to Octopath Traveler will be grand !

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Triangle Strategy. The structure of Octopath was an interesting idea, but ultimately I prefer a more unified story.

Ocopath, I like exploration and the fights being more fast paced (while still strategic and solid) allowed me to pick shorter playing sessions which matches perfectly with a portable console. It has a solid learning curve and playing with the job system never gets boring, you will learn that most of the party can become pretty strong. I loved to unblock the master classes too, Runelord Tressa and Sorcerer Therion are just crazy good. I can't think in a better turn based RPG released in recent years. The characters are great and I liked every one and enjoyed playing their stories a lot

Triangle Strategy has much more solid story and is a much more beautiful game, with better voice acting too. The fact you have routes slightly offsets the lack of freedom, restricted to few moments of exploration, but overall this was a game that made me feel a bit constrained. This game presented me a fairly high amount of challenge, which is very welcomed but even after I beat it I felt I quite not get how to make my party more efficient. I wonder if this is due to bad map design that never allowed me to make more cost-effective choices. Many times I was left under impression there wasn't any better movement to do but I was still struggling to win the map regardless. The fact side characters didn't appear in the main story also made me completely resistant to use them in battle as I felt no connection with them whatsoever 

The problem here is everything in this game seemed a slightly inferior version of Fire Emblem Awekening, but lacking Awekening gigs (like breeding you party to get stronger offspring :p)

I'll choose Octopath and give it an A score. I like its customization, exploration and overall it just has more to unfold as it has a much more open design, I've learn how to make a perfect party and how to wreck havock everything in front of me which is very satisfying. For Triangle Strategy I'll give it a B+, as the game failed to provide a stronger cast, restricted skill tree and overall failed to teach me how to truly master the battle system

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Depends if you like Turn-Based or an SRPG person. I prefer Octopath as I'm not normally into SRPGs with few exceptions.

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Octopath is the better game, because it has the best soundtrack and battle system in ages. It's even one of the best soundtracks in video game history, in case of production quality and compositions imo. It's a bit strange that this music gem has been made for such a small title. Triangle Strategy OST feels absolutely bland (it's a different composer).

Triangle Strategy. I played Triangle Strategy first so it left a bigger impression on me. I played three playthroughs and even started a fourth. I'm about halfway through Octopath Traveler and I am having a hard time finishing it. The random battles are just a chore and it seems to be so hard to earn enough money to by equipment.

I prefer to play games with a good storyline than endless grind fests. Triangle Strategy was as much story as gameplay. The branching story allowed for replay value and the gameplay was very fun. I'm finding combat in Octopath to be a chore.

Also, I feel Triangle Strategy's characters are better and more well developed versions of some of Octopaths characters. Therion reminded me of Rufus. Heathcote reminded me of Benedict. Both Ophelias are similar.

I was more heavily marked by Triangle and find myself wanting to go back to it rather than finish Octopath.

Rêveur said:

Also, I feel Triangle Strategy's characters are better and more well developed versions of some of Octopaths characters. 

This is untrue. Triangle seems centered in few characters, Frederica, Roland and Benedict, each one representing one of the 3 philosophy ideals the game wants you to follow. The others are honestly very random and figurative. 

Octopath is focused on flashing out details of each of the 8 personalities and traits, as this is indeed the game basis 

But there is something nice in Triangle. The game does a far better job streamlining the villains or optinal playable characters, characters like Lyla, Milo (I know she might be playable, but need some requeriments), Avlora, Gustadolph, Exharme, Dragan, Idore, etc. The problem  here is, the nice characters are totally optional and depends on your choices to join the party, so you are left most of time with characters that are absolutely dull and unimportant story wise (Hughette, Erador, etc). If the game did a better job developing the base party It would work better for me

Octopath for me... It's very telling how good both of these titles are considering the neck and neck poll at the moment.

I'm loving the 2D to HD revamp of titles, wanting more titles from the 16-bit era to make the jump... Lufia 2, Breath of Fire 2, Final Fantasy, Secret of Mana, Illusion of Gaia, Terranigma. Makes me moist just thinking about it.

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This poll is too early for me. I was going to get Triangle Strategy at launch, but then I got Elden Ring instead. Man Elden Ring is long. I'll get to Triangle Strategy when I finish Elden Ring though. My two most anticipated games of this year released 1 week apart from each other.