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Forums - Sales Discussion - How well will Nintendo Switch Sports sell?

Nintendo Switch Sports is launching April 29. Wii Sports sold over 80 million copies (pack in for most of its life) and Wii Sports Resort sold over 30 million.Do you think the new game with sell over 10 million copies and more precisely how much do you think it will sell? I personally see it selling 15 million on a conservative estimate.

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Depends on the marketing, IMO. If they bring back the "We would like to play guys" and have commercials all over online then I could see it selling over 20 million. If the marketing isn't there then it'll still sell 10 million.

I'm going to apprehensively agree with the OP, tentatively and say around 14m. However, it could just as easily take off in sales and sell way over that, possibly by even as much as 3x!



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More than wii sports. Around 100m

Wii Sports was very heavily marketed. Without knowing their plans for this one, there's no way to know how it will sell. I'm gonna go with 10-15 million, but that's just a wild ass guess.

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People always tend to underestimate how well Nintendo games are going to sell, therefore I’ll say 20 million. But my real underestimation would have been 10.

I'll say around 15 Million

Kslost said:

People always tend to underestimate how well Nintendo games are going to sell, therefore I’ll say 20 million. But my real underestimation would have been 10.

I will be the one to underestimate it. Gotta have it on record somewhere.


Depends on future marketing, promotions and DLC updates.

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I think it's fair to expect ongoing marketing, most notably TV commercials, similar to Ring Fit Adventure. Therefore longevity shouldn't be a concern and the game should have strong legs, especially because it's priced attractively at only $/€40.

Its sales curve should be similar to Ring Fit Adventure, initially even better because the production capacities won't be a hindrance. I'd also call it a strong possibility that Nintendo will sell a specific Switch + Switch Sports bundle in the not too distant future.

Given how Nintendo has kept talking about continuing to grow their Switch business, this game is a prime candidate to be a central point in their efforts. Many millions of people have very fond memories of Wii Sports and its sequel, so I'd be surprised if Switch Sports can't crack the 20m mark. Although I expect that it will take at least ten fiscal quarters to get there.

Lastly, to address a potential counterpoint - namely the low sales of Wii Sports Club on the Wii U - by now it should be clear to everyone that the Wii U was a piece of trash that wasn't wanted. Wii Fit U's low sales on the Wii U were considered by many to be a strong reason to be cautious about Ring Fit Adventure's chances to become a big hit and we already have the proof that that just isn't how it works.

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