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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Which video game best represents the world today? Interactive Poll

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What team are you?

Gold Team 3 75.00%
Purple Team 0 0%
Blue Team 0 0%
Yellow Team 1 25.00%
Other 0 0%

Individual Rules:

  • You may allocate 100 points to a game of your choosing once every three hours
  • You may subtract any number of points from 1-15
  • No decimals
  • If two ports of the same game are negligible in difference, then they will be combined into one score


Not Accepted

  • Same logic applies to regional differences.
  • You can assign negative points to a title at 0 points.

Team Rules:

  • Vote in the poll for which team you are! Scores will be multiplied by their percentage of the votes.
  • You may write-in your own team


Example of a final score calculation

User 1: +100 points for GAME 1

-13 points for GAME 2

User 2: +100 points for GAME 2

-4 points for GAME 3

Game 1 100
Game 2 87
Game 3 -4


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+100 points Bloodborne

I don't get it.

mZuzek said:
I don't get it.

What do you not get? I'd be happy to clarify anything :)

thepurplewalrus said:
mZuzek said:
I don't get it.

What do you not get? I'd be happy to clarify anything :)

Umm... anything?

"What videogame best represents the world today" seems like a pretty straightforward question, but I can't see how it has anything to do with the poll, I don't understand how either of them have anything to do with your game rules, and I definitely can't see Bloodborne being a fitting answer to that question.

I also don't get the port rule thing.

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+95 points Plague Inc.

+100 Deus Ex Human Revolution

100 points for GTA V

-15 points for SSBU

edit: gold team (am I doing that right?)

+100 Animal Crossing: New Horizons
-15 Madden NFL 21

I'm... not sure if I understand this game