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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Since 2013 Insomniac has released 16 games

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What do you think

It's a great purchase 6 60.00%
Sony need to buy more studios 1 10.00%
Let us see what games the... 2 20.00%
I want to see a VR related from them 1 10.00%

I think Sony made a great purchase, they production quality and speed is crazy

This is how you purchase game studio. Buying one studios but equal to 4 to 5 games studio. beside Insomniac are very close to PS studios and also has history behind Playstation.  I think the main reason Sony made decision was,  on how they manage to produce many games and most of them are triple AAA.

I finally able to see what Sony standard is when it comes to purchasing game studios. 

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Ive heard of 6 of them...

And not a single one is LoD...

BraLoD said:
And not a single one is LoD...

Not a single one is CoD either…..whats your point?

Sony needs to purchase Bluepoint Games.

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I could see them releasing one "normal" game every two years on PS5 and one VR game every other year. Or more if they are really small side projects. But comparing them with 5 other devs just because they have many small projects isn't really fair to the other devs nor to them to put too high expectations on them.

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Oh, I didn't know about many of those.

The benefit of having Insomniac is that we can expect a core game from them at least every 2 years, with other stuff scattered around them, including VR.
We are seeing that already in year 1 of the PS5: a core Ratchet title with a smaller Spider-man release.

BraLoD said:
And not a single one is LoD...

Or Skies or Arcadia 2

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