Forums - Sony Discussion - After PAX East and MWC Cancellation, Sony also cancel GDC Appearance - Update: Capcom, Square Enix, Kojima Productions, Unity and Epic Games Also Cancel GDC Attendance and Other Events

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What do you think

Unexpected 1 6.25%
Expected 5 31.25%
WTF 2 12.50%
i am shock !!! 1 6.25%
This is the end of an era 2 12.50%
We are in danger 1 6.25%
The world is doom 1 6.25%
The Last of Us becoming real 3 18.75%

Seems like bad new after bad new with corona virus.
Let's see how fast the companies can react and adjust.

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If The Last Of Us scenario become real, I hope it's after the release date of Final Fantasy VII Remake at least.

Good for them.

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Ok we get it, Sony's cancelling everything. Soon there will be an announcement in which Sony will say it is cancelling the PS5...

Or they will reveal the PS5 in a State of Play video. As long as the information lives up to what I expect, I don't care much about the format of the announcement.

Another developer cancel GDC 

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MS, Epic and Iron Galaxy Studios are out of GDC too.

And to think there were some ppl here who thought certain studios were using the virus as some kind of scapegoat.

Seeing how bad things turned out worldwide this past week, Sony was right in the first place.

God bless You.

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