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Forums - Sales Discussion - 10th August 2019 HW sales

Platform N. America Europe Japan Global
50,998 84,617 15,730 182,061
66,395 46,882 44,257 180,818
23,371 10,456 39 38,963
7,510 5,540 2,342 16,666
N/A N/A 91 91

Didn't expect PS4 to be ahead

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Azzanation: "PS5 wouldn't sold out at launch without scalpers."

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PS4 = The Miracle Machine. Price cut will never happen ?

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Harriet Tubman.

Niiice. PS did get that "one more week"! Assuming there aren't adjustments, cause this is very close.

Barring next week, this could be the last PS weekly win for a quite a while. F***in' great run at the top tho.

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Europe looks maybe a tiny bit too high, but in any case, great doing PS4!

PS4 and Switch trading blows, nice. Things are starting to slowly heat up for the holidays.

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Probably the last time this can be posted before the release of the PS5...

From here on out, it's all about the Switch.

Sony want to make money by selling art, Nintendo want to make money by selling fun, Microsoft want to make money.

PS4 actually did it... it took one back from the Switch.
Wasnt sure this would happend without something big releaseing, or a good price cut.

PS4 on top. 💪💪💪
Switch doing great too.
Poor old xbox. Though I am not a fan of it, it's still disheartening to see such low numbers.

The America’s numbers for PS4 could be a little bit undertracked. I can’t remember if this was the week that PS4 slim had a price cut of $50 ($249.99) for a couple of days at all retailers or is next week (week ending on 17th August)

Hmm okay. So no price cut for PS4 before Black Friday then.