The PS4 Won The Console Generation By Being Boring: Can The PS5 Do The Same?

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Eh, I'd use the word predictable instead of boring. They'll probably "win" every generation from here on out because of Nintendo's spot in the generation thing. Because let's be honest, Nintendo is at this time more of a competitor to Sony than MS in terms of sales, being on point with PS4 sales aligned. I do think Xbox 2 is going to put up a fight but Sony won't be caught off guard like they were with Gen 7.

I mean if "more power" works, and you have the games to back it I mean, leave it be.

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Somebody wants to play the "_____ console did it first" game. I'm REALLY good at that game...

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The PS4 won because it was marketed well, they built up faith in their exclusive IPs at the end of the PS3's generation, and they did not try to force "innovation" on us that no one wanted. Frankly I hope they do the same thing with the PS5 with similar results.

To that end, I want Nintendo to continue to do just as well with what they are offering as that is my current platform of choice, and I want MS to do better this generation as well. If there is no healthy competition, none of these companies will give us their best. The only reason the PS4 was handled the way it was had a lot to do with the looming shadow of how well the 360 did last gen (starting out ahead and ending almost neck and neck).

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KLXVER said:
They won by not trying to fix something that wasn't broke.

Yaman, just give me some awesome games to play. Keep it real and keep it simple.

This is what happens when people who know nothing about video games talk about video games, Sony won because they gave gamers what they wanted great quality games, what this journalist calls innovations was just gimmicky and didn’t add anything to gaming experience, anybody remembers the ds Zelda games in which you had to blow close to the microphone to put down a fire? Yeah that was really fun.

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Whether ps4 was boring or not, it was what I really wanted and based on the outcome, the market agreed with me.

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Sony won because they have so many good games I never have time to play on any other console. Poor Switch, really need to make an effort to use that again sometime, don't even know where it is anymore.

They played it safe with the PS4, let's be realistic. Also, they finished the PS3's gen on a high note. And that momentum snowballed into the PS4's gen.

Since it worked, I think they will attempt to repeat the same strategy. They will probably play it safe again, and that will likely be successful again to a certain extent. But I think we're moving into a time and generation where disruptive innovation is needed. The industry cannot afford another generation of "sameing". Sony is gonna lose their thunder with the PS5. I think that's pretty much innevitable at this point. We will all see.

Home consoles are kinda like sports cars, like a Corvette. They aren't cheaper Japanese tuners and they aren't expensive Italian exotics either. They sit somewhere in the middle, give you a little bit of everything, but the majority focus is on driving itself. When you buy a sports car, most get it for the driving experience, but some get it for show and to brag. When you decide to upgrade to a newer model after a few years or more, you typically only care if it's faster, handles and brakes better, and has a slightly different visual appeal. Few care all that much if it has a new cinema quality sound system or infotainment center since it's generally about the rubber meeting the road experience. Now those are nice extra's, but only start to matter if the drive is better and the price is right.

If PS5 simply has more ponies, an intercooler for the supercharger, quicker load times off the line, and better controls, all at a reasonable and affordable price, the majority will be satisfied.

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