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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Next gen VR software design implementation by Node.

This looks amazing. The way the guy can handle the crowbar at 3:15 - 3:27 is very impressive!

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Definitely looks like the representation of Next Gen VR interaction. We need more of these guys to make the medium evolve !

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The progress just continues. Seeing and experiencing new stuff in VR is so far beyond anything else in gaming. I can not wait for next gen controllers. The stuff they showed here looks like a very nice advancement. One thing I would like to see is the ability to add multiple controllers. Having a shooting game where you can actually have say a Knife, Dual Pistols, and a Rifle would dramatically increase the immersion. I have not been a fan of any games that try the setup they are using here for the rifles. It just feels extremely awkward.

On the topic of VR, I just bought the Samsung Odyssey Windows Mixed Reality set up for my PC. It is on sale for $249.99 right now. Looking forward to some higher end VR at the house than what PS4 Pro and PSVR are delivering. Looking forward to more great VR titles. Been on the slow so far this year IMO, especially after how incredible 2018 was. Hopefully some new exciting stuff is just around the corner.

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Let's spread the rumor:

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really cool video, althoguh some of the inverse kinematics are bugging out and the finger movement looks creepy at times
I hope the PSVR2 motion controllers will match the Valve Knuckles in capabilities

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This looks stunning.

John2290 said:
Oh balls, could a mod possibly embed the video as I can't get it to work for some reason, Possibly because I'm using mobile.


Peh said:
Let's spread the rumor:

I'm surprised this wasn't included in the OP. Valve are already working on 3 VR games, so them squiring a VR studio wouldn't be surprising at this point, but it surprises me how this kind of news is being overlooked (likely because Valve makes no games meme). 

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John2290 said:

Valve making games, yes but Valve making Half Life 3 let alone a VR half Life 3. Haha. I'll believe it when I see it and they announce it, homework is announced and here for us to see if they and/or valve came out with something I'd be yelling it from the rooftops. 

Well, considering how all the writers have left, I'd say the dream is dead. I'm actually perturbed by some fans actually wanting a HL3, despite that fact that 1) The writers are gone, thus the original lore and theme, let alone character designs are now fully dead, and 2) It will never ever live up to our expectations that were set years ago or new ones drawn up, were it to release in the future. See I'd want there to be an actual HL3 like I'd love for a brand spanking new C&C sequel, but like C&C, Westwood studios are gone, just like HL's writers are and thus the original creativity and mind behind those games are now split apart and won't come together again to make that original spark that we all know and love. People that want a spammed game series, no matter who writes it are just asking and wanting the franchise to destroy itself from within. You'd naturally want the original writers to come back and for them to make a really outstanding game, but with how much time has passed, that simply isn't going to happen.


In short, I'd let the dream die with dignity, rather than meming it to death, then getting angry about wanting a sequel, then the sequel coming out and being bad, then that same group acting as if they weren't the ones who brought about this clusterfuck of  mess that they clearly wanted to happen. 

I'd want a HL3, but if it ever happens, I won't be yelling with joy, I'd be very, oh so very cautious with how it's being made, who it's being written and designed by and how very pin-point accurate it has to be, in order to actually count as taking literally where we left off with the last episode, because I love my continuity so fucking much, that I'd want to observe HL3 under some microscope, making sure it lives up to what the memes fabled it to be, as well as the inflated fan expectations.

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I'm really excited for what VR is going to like in just 5 years.  It looks it's going to be a massive jump from a headset and controller perspective.  

I hope a lot of the stuff here becomes standardized.  It really looks fantastic, and I hope we can get some AAA titles that do this kind of thing.  

The gen after that: