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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Anthem demo impressions

Anyone else try out the demo? You can get it through EA/Origin Access or by preordering iirc. An open demo is coming soon too, I believe.


Obviously the closest comparison is Destiny. They’re both four player sci-fi shooters. Just from the short time I had with the demo, I can tell Anthem will have much much better writing than Destiny. Also the enemies and game world just in the demo blow anything I’ve seen in Destiny away. Graphically it looks great and has a very different visual style than the cartoonish looking Destiny. Special effects are amazing. One of your shoulder buttons launches a little missile out of your suit, it pops out and flies towards an enemy and explodes and looks great. I often use it even when not needed to finish an enemy because it’s so visually appealing. 

Gunplay is nice, though the selection I’ve used thus far is limited, so idk about every gun. Your suit colors are very customizable and can get you looking very nice. The best time to be had in the game is when you get all the gameplay factors popping at once. Floating or flying around, shooting enemies, dive bombing ground enemies. Super moves look great, way better than Destiny.

Ive heard the free roam sucks, I never tried it. The hub sucks balls, they need to up your characters movement speed greatly for the full release imho. But overall it’s a good demo. Challenging, too. Moved the game from a maybe to a buy, but jury is still out on when I’ll buy it. AFAIK it still launches the same day as Crackdown 3, and The Division 2 is shortly after. My only area of concern with Anthem and Division 2 is how badly EA/Ubi will infect the games with microtransactions.

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Long loading times with very common "stuck at 95%" errors didn't allow me to explore the demo nearly as much as I intended, which was gravely disappointing. But the little I did get to play was fun. Shooting felt satisfying and the flying-hovering combo is easy to do and interchangeable too. Agreed on the boring central hub and the annoying character walking speed there.

I also intend to buy, but probably a bit later with the first of the price drops. I want to make sure I avoid the network pains of the first couple of weeks. Also because I return from 2 weeks holiday in Argentina when it releases and go straight into work, so I'll need time to recover.

Didn't pre-order so didn't play it last weekend, will this weekend.

My main fear about it (other than being a Destiny clone) is it feeling lifeless. Bioware games, ME, DA and KOTOR had life about them, a big world, interactive characters. As soon as I use the character creation I'll know what it is but haven't used that yet (or looked at videos).

Hmm, pie.

So... er, is that it? Not sure what I expected. Combat was fine fun at times but feels like a cluster f*** at times but something seemed off with respawning, I died, so did others, it say 10 seconds til respawn then we never respawned.

No character customisation or personality also is sad. It's weird how it does the opposite of Destiny which is First Person in combat, third in hub, this is the opposite, a mini map there would be nice.

I dunno, does seem like it's for me, just another time sink online game.

Hmm, pie.

Ok, I hated Dragon Age Origins, loved KoTor 1&2, liked ME 2 and 3. Would I like this game?

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John2290 said:
It's very sloppy in almost every aspect and to be quite honest, it isn't fun. The core gunplay isn't punchy of satisfying and if a game like this is going to work (with such bad VA, cheesy dialouge, loading times that split gameplay etc) it needs solid shooting mechanics that feel good moment to moment, sadly it lacks just that.

I would oddly say that the combat feels like a polished version of ME:A. The jumping, hovering, over the shoulder with powers/grenades.

Hmm, pie.

I just did the first mission and....well....not very impressed. While the visuals look very nice the world feels ... empty...boring...disconnected...
Combat is just holding the shooting button and occasionally throw a grenade or shoot rockets, that's it.
I don't know....I also got Destiny 2 for free and got bored really fast for the same reason. The world is not connected. It's just sections put via loading screens together....

I expected the game to be open world, but I guess I got it wrong.

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Not really a good sign for Anthem I guess... I think Bioware needed it to be a knockout success... But I have absolutely no enthusiasm for the title at this stage.

Anyone take any screen grabs with settings dialed up?

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I'm currently doing a 'Stronghold'. And I say currently as I've been on it for nearly 2 hours.

Honestly this shit has put me right off, it's drawn out crap. wave after wave of pointless enemies. Fly to new location. Collect things put them here, here's another wave after wave of enemies, and while you stand there shooting enemies and random bolt of eletrcity will take your shield away.

EDIT as I'm typing because we died:
I did the first 2 parts and got rewards, then on I presume the final boss which has a tedious amount of HP, we barely got it down a 7th and we both died and the 'server reset'. I didn't even get my items from the first 2 parts.

No maps make it impossible to find anything as well, going through a dark water tunnel not knowing where to exit is rediculous. I'm not putting myself through that. I'll stick with Spiderman.

Hmm, pie.

Did a Hard mission his morning. Pretty awesome enemies and end bosses called Titans. I can tell some of this stuff is going to be pretty incredible.