I'm currently doing a 'Stronghold'. And I say currently as I've been on it for nearly 2 hours.

Honestly this shit has put me right off, it's drawn out crap. wave after wave of pointless enemies. Fly to new location. Collect things put them here, here's another wave after wave of enemies, and while you stand there shooting enemies and random bolt of eletrcity will take your shield away.

EDIT as I'm typing because we died:
I did the first 2 parts and got rewards, then on I presume the final boss which has a tedious amount of HP, we barely got it down a 7th and we both died and the 'server reset'. I didn't even get my items from the first 2 parts.

No maps make it impossible to find anything as well, going through a dark water tunnel not knowing where to exit is rediculous. I'm not putting myself through that. I'll stick with Spiderman.

Hmm, pie.