Anyone else try out the demo? You can get it through EA/Origin Access or by preordering iirc. An open demo is coming soon too, I believe.


Obviously the closest comparison is Destiny. They’re both four player sci-fi shooters. Just from the short time I had with the demo, I can tell Anthem will have much much better writing than Destiny. Also the enemies and game world just in the demo blow anything I’ve seen in Destiny away. Graphically it looks great and has a very different visual style than the cartoonish looking Destiny. Special effects are amazing. One of your shoulder buttons launches a little missile out of your suit, it pops out and flies towards an enemy and explodes and looks great. I often use it even when not needed to finish an enemy because it’s so visually appealing. 

Gunplay is nice, though the selection I’ve used thus far is limited, so idk about every gun. Your suit colors are very customizable and can get you looking very nice. The best time to be had in the game is when you get all the gameplay factors popping at once. Floating or flying around, shooting enemies, dive bombing ground enemies. Super moves look great, way better than Destiny.

Ive heard the free roam sucks, I never tried it. The hub sucks balls, they need to up your characters movement speed greatly for the full release imho. But overall it’s a good demo. Challenging, too. Moved the game from a maybe to a buy, but jury is still out on when I’ll buy it. AFAIK it still launches the same day as Crackdown 3, and The Division 2 is shortly after. My only area of concern with Anthem and Division 2 is how badly EA/Ubi will infect the games with microtransactions.