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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom Nintendo Switch version outsold all other version 8 to 1.

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"Nintendo Switch continues to amaze us. Not only does it bring so much joy with its original games, it’s also the most profitable console business ever for us. It’s another universe in regards of sales numbers. #MonsterBoyGame ratio is 8:1 #NintendoSwitch vs everything else."

Indie games continue to dominate on the Switch, very impressive. For context, Monster Boy sold 50,000 copies in its first week, were talking about pretty huge sales on Switch (for an indie game).


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That's highly impressive!

When I get a Switch for i.a. Pokémon 2019, it'll probably be my place for indies as well as I like being able to play those on the go.

Switch looks like a good place for Indie games.

they deserve it, really fun game.

Considering how they've prioritized Switch over everyone else, it comes at no surprise to see how it sells so well.

Now they should just seal the deal and just remain exclusive to Switch, because it's obvious that those devs have not shown much care for their other user bases over the psst few years.


Edit: Just decided to check Steam to see how it's doing there, and found out that they're not even selling it there just yet....


Bravo devs, bravo.

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That's really good to hear, I'm glad they've found success with this game. I thought it was gonna tank, Switch really is a great platform for indies that's for sure.

Indie games just feel really good on a handheld. Being lower budget, they feel a natural fit for those of us used to handheld games not looking as big budget as their console counterparts. They also tend to be the sort of game to benefit a lot from the flexibility of play style the Switch's switching offers. Nintendo eShop on Switch creates this sort of nostalgic market experience where you can buy a decent quality game that feels like the level of quality you're accustomed to with a portable console, but for prices you haven't seen even from the major publishers' budget titles in years if not decades. Remember when you could go to the store and buy a $20 Game Boy game? Those days are kind of back now. It feels good. Combine that with Nintendo's typically nostalgic audience and indie developer's similar affinity for designing games with nostalgic aesthetics and gameplay styles, and you have a recipe to get a lot of gamers buying a lot of indie games.

The game deserves big sales wherever it can find them. One of the best of the year.

If Switch got more big AAA games like Big Chungus, then indie games wouldn't sell on the platform. Indie devs should consider themselves lucky that Nintendo don't have good third party relations.

Awesome game. Well deserved.

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