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If you were to create a handle or username for a pornsite, what would it be and why?  I just want to know what you would come up with other than what you're already using.  So I'm not asking anyone to "incriminate" themselves unless you want to volunteer that info anyway.  Need ideas for a new one, asking for a friend that is.....

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I usually use the same usernames i use in regular forums.

There is only one name: Dick Cocker .

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AnthonyWeiner. No explanation needed.


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Be proud of your porn.


I use my secondary username which was my main before I had this one.

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I'd use some sort of name which eluded to the size of my penis..... like a spin on gargantuan but then maybe with a play on a fun character from gaming too.

maybe LongSolidSnake? MegamanmeatX? Thiswangofmine? dunno!

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