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It's a pretty simple question. Here's my answer...

This cover is just so incredibly stupid. I mean, we're screaming over tennis? Really? You might as well have made this the cover for...

AO International Shuffleboard

Walking Outside to Pickup Your Mail in the Morning: THE GAME!


Sports games covers with people screaming at the top of their lungs are dumb enough. But this? The woman clearly doesn't care, and the man just looks like he thinks he is some sort of Spartan. 

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IDK? but this is the best cover ever XD


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Just, just think about this

Not a cover but an icon, It's so bland I kept scrolling past it everytime I went to play the game. No effort put in at all  it's a bit more zoomed in when shown on the PS4's menu as to where the ears are cropped off and the body is not showing. 


China Numba wan!!

There are plenty of beyond stupid covers out there but I think I'll hand the gold medal to the American Mega Man cover. The art is complete rubbish and Mega Man carrying a pistol is so God damn silly.

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Yeah, I agree about the screaming over tennis thing.  Here is another dumb one--

Off topic, but this is still my favorite video game cover--

Would be more interested in best covers lol

Many many manyyy North American box art.

It mainly consist of 2 types of covers:
1. Guy with a gun
2. Close up of a face.

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ZODIARKrebirth said:

Lol!! Screw Goku, now I want Mexican Thor in Smash Bros!!