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"Overall, there's a lot to respect in how Paladins is represented on Switch. Hi-Rez has accomplished one of the closest matches to the other versions available, crafting a 60fps title where online competition with Xbox One players feels balanced and fair. It's a game where the visual hit doesn't strike you as a major drawback: resolution is the only key differentiator, and it can be something of an issue sometimes in portable play. However, by and large, Paladins holds up compared to the other console versions and it's well worth checking out."

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Quiet impressive by the studio.


Acevil said:
Quiet impressive by the studio.

Agreed, the fact they shot for 60fps instead of halving it to 30 like a lot of other Switch ports is quite commendable, as is the fact that they manage to hit that target pretty consistenty without a lot of noticeable cutbacks. Clearly the kind of game it is helped, but all the same I think the studio deserves props here for a solid conversion.

This game is pretty damn fun. I've been enjoying it a lot

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Yeah I bought this the day it was released and I didn't even notice the resolution drop. It looks damn fine. Portable mode is the only place where it can be noticeable but even then it's not major.

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Mostly 720p60.
Still the fact that its 60fps is a nice thing.

Im just waiting for it to be free

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Paladins uses UE3 engine. It better runs Paladins at 60fps lmao

cool.  might have to pick it up despite already having dl'ed Fortnite.  This one looks more my style

HintHRO said:
Paladins uses UE3 engine. It better runs Paladins at 60fps lmao

Switch doesn't support UE3.