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Is this real life?

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Don't really buy it. This the 18-25 year old (which is the prime gaming audience) voter map from the last US election:


Trump gets blown out completely, he even loses the South and Texas, lol. Guardian is just spinning the same thing old right wing farts try to do when they try to blame video games for gun violence. 

Old farts are the ones that are the primary voting block of the "far right".

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It seems every other day I see an example of Poe's Law in the culture war. Today we see a member of the Ctrl-Left attempting to label stuff they don't understand as part of the Alt-Right.

melbye said:
They are wrong, the far left is fueling the far right

 Basically this. If the left didn’t have so many people trying to act like a vocal majority on the internet and in the education system, most other people would realize that they’re nothing more than a minority that is full of crap, and ignore them so that life can go on. Same with the far right. It’s just a small group of idiots on both sides fueling each otger’s numbers by using internet-esq trolling tactics. Reality is that the majority of us don’t give two shits; we’re just stuck in a cross fire of endless whining. 

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Jesus Christ...

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There is definitely not a movement to right. Things are definitely going more left.

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And this is one of my go-to news sites...

Johnw1104 said:

I can't think of anything that's fueling the rise of extreme ideologies more than the sensationalist news outlets (as in all of them) that get spread throughout social media to those most inclined to agree with and absorb their dire content. Here the Guardian is accusing others of "fueling the far right" with an article designed to stoke the flames they're complaining about.

Jon-Erich said:
The first thing that needs to be said is that the Guardian is complete garbage,
fatslob-:O said:

Edit: The Guardian is the liberal equivalent of Fox News ... 

SecondWar said:

And this is one of my go-to news sites...

This is not an article written or supported by The Guardian. This is the opinion of one guy (an assistant professor) who isn't related to the site at all. Media often let people (usually teachers, writers, researchers...) write opinion pieces, which the news outlet then publishes on their site. They usually offer a wide variety of opinions, and some of them can be quite controversial. However, this does not mean that the news outlet supports this or that they want their readers to believe this.

I felt it the same when I played Super Mario Odyssey, the rich saoudian prince, who kidnaps a blond western girl for his harem, saved by the western european stereotype

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since when is restoring natural harmony an exclusively right-wing rhetoric.

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It seems video games are responsible for everything these days.

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