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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Breath of Fire anyone?

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What's the best BoF Game?

Breath of Fire 0 0%
Breath of Fire II 4 30.77%
Breath of Fire III 5 38.46%
Breath of Fire IV 4 30.77%
Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter 0 0%


My first RPG was Chrono Trigger, back when I was 9-10 years old. I couldn't even read english, but it was awesome anyway. However, when I got my PC with a CD-ROM filled with SNES Games, one of them caught my attention: Breath of Fire II.

The game was amazing. Great graphics with strong colors, awesome soundtrack, very likeable characters... It was one of my very first times playing an RPG from the beginning to the end.

Some time later I tried the first game, and I liked it too. However, BoF II was still my favorite.

As soon as I got my PSX Emulator, one of the first games I tried was Breath of Fire III and Breath of Fire IV. Both games are amazing as well. One friend of mine was not very fond of RPGs but he loved BoF IV. We played it together for a long time.

What about you? Do you like this series? Do you want BoF to come back to current gen consoles?

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Breath of Fire 2 gets my pick. Got it on my SNES Classic and having a ball with it. Forgot how hard/grindy these games were though!

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I'm down, only played 3-5, if ever they remake or remaster them I'll buy em for sure, loved both 3 and 4 replayed them a couple of times, not so with Dragon Quarter, that was a unique one, enjoyed it a fair bit but only finished it once, the ending was lackluster and the game as a whole made me feel claustrophobic but the gameplay mechanics and story was interesting enough for me to finish it.


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Loved Breath Of Fire 2 on emulator but it kept crashing so I never finished it . The story after the monster rips apart boy Main character your playing as and monster saying he's the chosen one scared me and I wanted to play more did Reality warped and it saved the boy and made him an adult? I'm curious about this game again? I've givin up on the rom since it crashed alot?

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I'll go with Breath of Fire 3. 4 looks amazing, but 3 is just more nostalgic for me. I played BOF 1 and 2 on GBA and kinda hated them. Especially 2.

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Played BOF 1/2 when they remade it on the GBA. I guess I liked the first enough to play the second. That being said, I can't remember a single thing about either game. I remember at least a little bit about other games I played during that time (I was 14-16 at the time). So, I guess they were forgettable.

I only played from 3 onwards and 4 is the best one for me. 1 and 2 started alright from what i played but i cba with those old snes games anymore.


We all want to ignore it, but there is a BoF6.

I'm so torn between 3 and 4.

My first experience was with BoF3, when a friend who had a PlayStation showed it to me (I was a notorious Sega fanboy at the time and hated PlayStation) I loved the art style and character design.

I would get my second and more comprehensive taste with BoF1 on GBA. I actually beat the game, which was a feat because my copy had a save battery that didn't save... I have to leave my GBA plugged into the wall in order to complete the game.

I got BoF3 for my PSP and got back into the series. I thought "they should make a fourth one... Oh, they did." And I played 3 and 4 at the same time... So my memory of the games is jumbled together. After that I found it Dragon Quarter was BoF5, and I was super disappointed.

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I played them all, but only really liked 3. 5 was complete garbage, I was very disappointed by that game which also meant I didn’t care much when it was the last of the series. The series definitely peaked at 3.

Played 1 and a bit of 2.
Loved 1, didn't like much of what little I played from 2.

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