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I'm so torn between 3 and 4.

My first experience was with BoF3, when a friend who had a PlayStation showed it to me (I was a notorious Sega fanboy at the time and hated PlayStation) I loved the art style and character design.

I would get my second and more comprehensive taste with BoF1 on GBA. I actually beat the game, which was a feat because my copy had a save battery that didn't save... I have to leave my GBA plugged into the wall in order to complete the game.

I got BoF3 for my PSP and got back into the series. I thought "they should make a fourth one... Oh, they did." And I played 3 and 4 at the same time... So my memory of the games is jumbled together. After that I found it Dragon Quarter was BoF5, and I was super disappointed.

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