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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Stage 1 - Round 6 - VGChartz Greatest User Tournament

Welcome to the VGChartz Greatest User Tournament 2017, please read the rules carefully.

The Rules.

1. Vote from your favourite to least favourite, feel free to copy paste this template and use it. 5p is full points, 1p is 1 point. If you're still unsure ask me for clarification.

5p - Batman
4p - Spiderman
3p - Superman
2p - Catwoman
1p - Green Lantern.

2. ONE vote per round.
3. Must have over 200 posts.
4. Users in the Tournament CAN vote in EVERY round. Even their own.
5. NO flaming or insults will be tolerated. Not even sly digs.
6. Thread bumping is allowed in discretion, but asking for votes is no longer allowed.

These are the prelims, the highest 2 voted for out of the 5 will progress.

Platina CGI-Quality VGPolyglot TomaTito Mr_No

Stage 1 : 

Round 1 - 2 3 - 4 - 5

Veknoid_Outcast - 72
axumblade - 68
Nautilus - 55
Slarvax - 51
zorg1000 - 39

Moving on to Stage 2:


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Tough round again, I am guessing it will always be like this.

5P Mr No
3P Tomatito
1P Platina (You kind of disappeared a bit this year, and I miss ya!)


Dang, I missed the last one! Though, glad one person I would have voted made it in the end

5p- Platina
4p- VGPolyglot
3p- CGIQuality
2p- Mr_No
1p- TomaTito



Dance my pretties!

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5p - Platina
4p - VGPolyglot
3p - CGI-Quality
2p - TomaTito
1p - Mr. No

NNID: Zephyr25 / PSN: Zephyr--25 / Switch: SW-4450-3680-7334

5p - Mr. No
4p - CGI-Quality
3p - Platina
2p - TomaTito
1p - VGPolyglot

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5p - TomaTito
4p - VGPolyglot
3p - Platina
2p - CGI-Quality
1p - Mr.No


(=^・ω・^=) Kuroneko S2 - Ore no Imouto - SteamMyAnimeList and Twitter - PSN: Gustavo_Valim - Switch FC: 6390-8693-0129 (=^・ω・^=)

5p - Platina
4p - VGPolyglot
3p - CGI-Quality
2p - TomaTito
1p - Mr. No

5p - CGI
4p - Mr. No
3p - VGP
2p - Platina
1p - Tomatito

Another difficult round. These guys are all awesome and bring quality to the site. :(

Also thanks for all the votes!

Last edited by axumblade - on 12 January 2018

5p - VGPolyglot
4p - Platina
3p - Mr. No
2p - TomaTito
1p - CGI-Quality

commie, why the fuck did you put Earth-chan in your avatar? There's no way I could've given you anything less than 5 because of that!
Actually, now that I think of it, isn't Earth-chan supposed to be flat?



5p - Mr No
4p - VGP
3p - TomaTito
2p - Platina
1p - CGI