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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Stage 1, Round 5 - VGChartz Greatest User Tournament 2017

Welcome to the VGChartz Greatest User Tournament 2017, please read the rules carefully.

The Rules.

1. Vote from your favourite to least favourite, feel free to copy paste this template and use it. 5p is full points, 1p is 1 point. If you're still unsure ask me for clarification.

5p - Batman
4p - Spiderman
3p - Superman
2p - Catwoman
1p - Green Lantern.

2. ONE vote per round.
3. Must have over 200 posts.
4. Users in the Tournament CAN vote in EVERY round. Even their own.
5. NO flaming or insults will be tolerated. Not even sly digs.
6. Thread bumping is allowed in discretion, but asking for votes is no longer allowed.

These are the prelims, the highest 2 voted for out of the 5 will progress.

axumblade Slarvax Veknoid_Outcast Nautilus zorg1000

Stage 1 : 

Round 1 - 2 3 - 4 

Miguel_Zorro - 80
Shadow1980 - 68
ARamdomGamer - 67
BradLod - 55
Pokoko - 47

Moving on to Stage 2:


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5p - Zorg
4p - Naut
3p - Axum
2p - Slarvax
1p - Vek

Pocky Lover Boy! 

I like everyone here.

5p - Slarvax
4p - Nautilus
3p - axumblade
2p - zorg1000
1p - Veknoid_Outcast

Yeah, I do like everyone. Sorry Vek, but ultimately I had to come to a decision and your opinion on a certain something just helped me do that!

This round is no fair

5p - axumblade
4p - Veknoid_Outcast
3p - Nautilus
2p - Slarvax
1p - zorg1000

Last edited by Raven - on 11 January 2018

5p - Axumblade
4p - Nautilus
3p - Slarvax
2p - Zorg1000
1p - Veknoid_Outcast

NNID: Zephyr25 / PSN: Zephyr--25 / Switch: SW-4450-3680-7334

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5p Veknoid
4p Slarvy
3p Nautilus
2p Zorg
-100p axumdouche

5p - Vek
4p - axum
3p - Slarvax
2p - Nautilus
1p - zorg

5p axumblade
4p Veknoid_Outcast
3p Slarvax
2p Nautilus
1p zorg1000

Bet Shiken that COD would outsell Battlefield in 2018.

Vote in me, vote in greatness!

Also not voting this round, just feels wrong to do so.

My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.

5p - axumblade
4p - Veknoid_Outcast
3p - Nautilus
2p - Slarvax
1p - zorg1000