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The Best Looking Game Of 2018

01. God Of War 15 45.45%
02. Spider-Man 3 9.09%
03. Detroit: Become Human 6 18.18%
04. Red Dead Redemption 2 6 18.18%
05. Battlefield V 3 9.09%

On further reflection, still God of War!

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CGI-Quality said:
the-pi-guy said:

I haven't been keeping up...

This is seriously spiderman? :-o Didn't realize it looked so good.

Yeah man, visually the best open world I've seen. That is amplified by New York being my hometown. :P

The best? I felt like the lighting was very flat in some places, night time in particular looks pretty bad for a Triple A. Also some of the buildings look a little bland. Day time looks a lot better though. 

It's still a very good looking game though, the animations and modeling of Spider-Man are so impressive. 

Well, the results are about as I expected (my vote went to Detroit). I'll leave the poll open for just a bit longer, but I don't think much else needs to be said. Congratulations God Of War for winning VGC's Best Looking Game Of 2018!

And, the story goes on ~ 2019's thread will be up within the next 12-14 hours.


A look at the Pre-rendered Tech for one of the God of War trailers




Test Render of the higher quality version of the in-game character model


Thanks for participating everyone! 2019's thread will be up in a few minutes!