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For VR game submissions use their associated platforms, PC for Oculus Rift, PS4 for PSVR.

How to Enter the Database

  1. At the very top of the home page click on Game DB. Below are where you will find this on the current site design.


How to Search For a Game

  • There are many different searching, sorting, and filtering options available to you in order to find the game that you are looking for. You may use any one (or combination) of the following search options
  1. Search by Name: To ensure you find the results you are looking for, always use the official spelling of the name. For example: Final Fantasy VII not Final Fantasy 7 or Grand Theft Auto V not Grand Theft Auto 5.
  2. Search by Keyword: A keyword search can be used to search several fields at once, for the game you are looking for. A keyword search will search the following fields, for a match: Alias Name (Pal, Japan, NA), Genre, Developer, and Summary
  3. Search by Console: A drop-down box is provided, to allow you to search by console name. Console names are abbreviated, for example: XBox would be XB.
  4. Search by Region: You may choose a region to narrow your results to. If you select All or America in this drop-down, then you must enter the North America name if you wish to include the name in your search. Changing the region drop-down to PAL or Japan will enable you to search by these regional names.
  5. Search by DeveloperPublisher: A filtered drop-down will allow you to select a particular Developer or Publisher you wish to filter your results to. As you begin to type in these fields, a drop-down will display and allow you to choose your search item.
  6. Additional Filters: To the right of these search fields, you will note three additional options:
    • Genre: Narrow your results to a particular game type.
    • Box Art: Choose whether to see only games with or without (or both) boxart images - very useful for helping clean-up the database.
    • Results: Select how many games you wish to view per page.

7. By clicking on one of the column heading hyperlinks (Game, Console, Sales, etc.), you can sort the listing into contextual numeric or alphabetic order. You may also select a letter from the alphabet listing, in order to only view titles that begin with that particular letter.


How to Add a New Game

  1. Make sure to add the title exactly how its officially spelled using the American name, if possible.
  2. Add the console that the game has released or will release on. Console names are abbreviated, for example Xbox is XB and Playstation is PS.
  3. Add the developer by typing the name in this field - a drop-down will appear to help narrow down the Developer you are looking for.
  4. Add the correct genre making sure to research the exact genre. For example (credit to quigontcb): Final Fight and Streets of Rage are not fighting games, they are considered action games.
  5. Submit the game once you have added all the correct content. All new game submissions will need to be approved by the DB Admin team.

Adding Game Summaries

  1. To add a game summary, you can click on Summary under the game title. You will also find an Edit Summary link in the Edit Game box on the left column, which can also be used for this purpose.
  2. Click the Add a summary for this game link - this will open a rich text window that will allow you to enter a summary.

3. If there's already a game summary in place and you wish to contribute a new one (preferably your own), click on edit summary under the edit game section on the left. If another user has already contributed their own summary then that summary will take priority - do not submit a new one.

4. Add a game summary, theres no limit on how small a game summary can be so long as it explains the title well enough. You can also add a summary directly from a developer or publisher.

5. Always make sure to include your source (even if it's your own writing). Please review the guidelines found here for the best way to go about this.


Adding Boxart

  1. In the Edit Game section, click Update Boxart
  2. Choose the Region of the boxart (America = North America, PAL = Europe)
  3. Choose the Type of boxart (front cover or back cover)
  4. Add a Caption only if necessary (for example if it's a Day One Edition or Special Edition, please indicate that it is in there)
  5. Choose the File from your computer to upload.
  6. Click Upload Boxart to submit your file for a DB Admin to approve.
    Note: Images must not be watermarked. Make sure that they are cropped properly (no white borders) and make sure they show the correct rating.

Adding a Banner

  1. In the Edit Game section, click Update Banner
  2. Choose a File from your computer to upload.
  3. Click Preview to generate a rendering of how it will look once approved. Once you are satisfied with the chosen image, click Confirm to submit your file for a DB Admin to approve



Edit Game Info

  1. In the Edit Game section, click Edit Game Info
  2. Here you can list the North American Name (the default name), along with the PAL (European) and Japanese Names, if they are different. You may also write out the Japanese name with Japanese Characters.
  3. You can select the Developer of the game, along with the Genre
  4. The Video Games Ratings can be updated here. ESRB is for North American, CERO is for Japan, and PEGI is for Europe. Please use these sites to ensure that you have the correct rating (and don't assume that the same game will have the same rating across different platforms! - Lollipop Chainsaw for example is CERO D on PS3 but CERO Z on 360)
  5. The check mark Has Friend Codes is used mainly for older Nintendo games that used individual friend codes. Checking this box enables an additional box to appear in the left column, allowing you (and others) to enter your Friend Code for the game and providing an easy way to share codes with each other.
  6. Click Submit to send in your submission for a DB Admin to approve

Adding Screenshots

  1. In the Edit Game section, click Edit Screenshots
  2. Choose Files from your computer
  3. You can select and upload up to five (5) at a time
  4. Once you have selected the images, you may click Upload for a DB Admin to approve


Adding/Editing Release Dates and Information

  1. In the Release Dates section, click on the region you'd like to edit. If a date has already been entered, clicking on the date will allow you to edit the information - otherwise, you can click Add Date.
  2. For the Status, indicate whether the game is Released, Canceled, or unknown (TBA)
  3. Distribution:  It's of the utmost importance that you research this before selecting a release type. If a title you are contributing to has both a physical and digital release, the retail option takes priority. If you can't be for certain then leaving it blank is preferred.
  4. Input the Release Date of the game in the chosen region
  5. Input the Publisher of the game in the chosen region
  6. Click Submit for a DB Admin to approve


Reporting a Game

  1. In the Edit Game section, click Report this game
  2. In the text box, please write clearly and specifically what the issue is with the game page 
  3. Click Report for a DB Admin to see the report and they will research the issue.


Adding a Critic Review

  1. In the Review Scores section, click on Critics
  2. Click Add a review to add the review to the database
  3. Select the review site from the list of approved websites
  4. Enter the exact URL of the review (leave it blank if it is a print review)
  5. Input the Score of the review - this drop-down is context sensitive based on the scoring system of the chosen review source.
  6. Click Continue to submit the review for DB Admin approval

Adding a Community/User Review

  1. In the Review Scores section, click Community (this is also the default option, so if it's already in white that means you're on that spot)
  2. Under the Average User Review section, click on the hyperlink to add your review (the link will either say Be the first to review this game! or Add a review)
  3. Add a Title, which should be descriptive and to the point
  4. Add a Summary, which will be a short description of your opinion of the game
  5. In the Your Review section, add the contents of your review
  6. In the Review Scores section, select a score for each of the 4 categories: Presentation, Gameplay, Value and Overall
  7. Click Continue to submit your review
    Note: All user reviews are subject to community ratings (via a Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down rating). Reviews with a positive community rating, will have their Overall score calculated and averaged, and will appear in the Review Scores box under the Average User Review.


Adding a FAQ

  1. Underneath the banner, click the FAQs section  
  2. Click Add FAQ to add a FAQ

3. In the Description section, enter a small description of the problem
4. In the Hints section, replace the Hint # text with the hint, along with the cost to obtain that hint (in VG$)
5. Use the + or - buttons to add or delete hints (you can have up to 10 hints)
6. Click Submit to submit it for a DB Admin to approve
Note: The FAQ system is intended as a way to provide non-spoiler solutions to common or difficult problems and puzzles, with progressively helpful hints until the final solution is ultimately revealed. As noted in the FAQ notes, members will need to spend their VG$ in order to obtain hints, while the user who created the hints, will be able to receive those VG$ as earnings!

Adding a Cheat

  1. Underneath the banner, click the Cheats section
  2. Click Add Cheat to add a cheat

3. Select the Cheat Type (Walk-through, Walk-through/Guide/Tip, Maps, Cheat Codes, Unshockable, Passwords)
4. Write a Description for a small detail of what will be discussed
5. Either choose a word document file from your computer to upload, or put your cheat in the text box to input your cheat and then click submit for a DB Admin to approve


Adding an Extra

  1. Underneath the banner, click the Extras section
  2. Click Add Trophy/Achievement/Extra to add the extra

3. Select the Value of the trophy or enter the achievement point value, along with the Title of the trophy/achievement and a Description of how to get it.
4. Check on one of the side boxes if there is a requirement for Online, Co-op or Camera
5. Click Submit to submit it for DB Admin approval


Adding a Game to Your Collection

  1. In the Community Stats section, click Add to add a game into the chosen category, or Remove to remove it from the chosen category 
  2. Click on the names of the categories to see other users who have added the game
    Note: In addition to adding games to your profile here on the game page, you may also add games by clicking the Games tab on your user profile and using the available options there. Either method will work and accomplish the same goal.


Your Database Admin Team

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Looks good.

Can't wait to fill this with all of my favourite iOS games!

Miguel_Zorro said:
Looks good.

Can't wait to fill this with all of my favourite iOS games!

I will personally take away your Moderator rights!!!! >:|


Tag. Tag AND sub.

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Good work. The screenshots are a big plus.

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Looking really nice though from what I've seen so far.

Btw, I tested Persona 5 and its sales are on 1,33m.
Will it be updated to the 2 million that Atlus announced at the the end of November?

It appears we are on the 25th of November with VGC sales, so next update maybe?

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VersusEvil said:

Wow lol. I don't think I've ever clicked on that button in all my time here.

Really appreciate all your work guys.

I make music, check it out here on Bandcamp, Spotify, and Youtube!

Useful guide.

I have a question in regards to the game summaries though, if there's one already there but there are spelling and/or grammatical errors in it then is it ok to edit it to correct those?

Thanks for all of your hard work on this Versus (and to any of the gameDB admins who have worked vigilantly to get this all together. :)

Ka-pi96 said:
Useful guide.

I have a question in regards to the game summaries though, if there's one already there but there are spelling and/or grammatical errors in it then is it ok to edit it to correct those?

Yes - absolutely!

The rule of thumb is, if there is original work written here, try to leave as much of it as possible. If there are spelling or grammatical errors though, it DEFINITELY ought to be cleaned up...