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Medisti said:
d21lewis said:

I was at a hotel for the past five days and I was hoping to test this out but it just connected. I didn't even get to enter a password. 😢

You mean that you didn't need a password for the wifi, or that you were having the same problem? It seems to only be certain public wifi because others I can connect fine.

Didn't need a password at all. The WiFi was just there for anyone to connect to 

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It's a handheld. Everything else is excusable for me if the price was lowered by removing the battery/screen/dock.

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WiiU gamepad is not compatible with it.

It still feels like an early access console. Its library is really ramping up beautifully, plenty of great games etc. but yet even 7 months in it still lacks basic features that you'd expect of any such device, such an internet browsing, video watching etc. The eshop is also really bad, and its badness is starting to be magnified now there is a good quantity of games on the thing and no good way of searching through them. No Virtual Console also expands the early access feel of the thing. I am hoping that the online update happening next year is going to include a total revamp fixing all these issues so that this feels like a piece of tech which is actually ready to be in the hands of consumers, rather than an open beta.

SuperNova said:

It's crashy. [...]

Edit: Also that news thing you mention in OP. XD I actually made my japanese eshop account today, saw the news and went 'Oh, no.' ;____;

Mine has only crashed once during sleep mode, it just wouldn't budge. But I've had problems with joycon connections twice, in which they would not couple to the console (had to de-tether them before they would connect). A few times the controlers loose conection for a few seconds even when docked.

And thank Nintendo for that mess.

caffeinade said:
No microphone on the console, I want to get back to blowing into my console to replace button presses.

You just love blowing your consoles

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I'd like to be able to play with one joycon off, one joycon on.

The eshop price hike is getting old too.

d21lewis said:
I want to get my daughter one for Christmas. She's logged in countless hours of Splatoon and Zelda on mine. If I get one for her, she won't have any of her saves.

That sucks.

Latest firmware update fixed that for you!

And they updated the news channel too... but still can't filter the news by region.

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The battery life is an issue but not my personal pet peeve.

My pet peeve is the flimsy kickstand that randomly falls open while I'm playing and is untrustworthy in tabletop mode.

I want virtual console and a proper internet browser. Otherwise I think the platform is pretty solid.

I mean, there's a few things that I could class as pet peeves, just a few being;

The lack of an internet browser, YouTube or Netflix. I'd love to watch YouTube or Netflix while on the train instead of on my phone, bigger scree and I can sit it up on the table.

The stand itself doesn't give me enough confidence to sit the console on a tabletop without falling over, as it's happened a few times already, would be nice to see a later revision have a more balanced stand, although I could easily just buy a stand I suppose, lol.

I know it's pushing out a lot of power while in handheld mode, but the battery life is a lot weaker than I'm used to, thankfully I have a powerbank I can take out with me though.

There are many more examples, however I'd feel like I'm just nitpicking, since regardless of these things, it's still a great console and unlike my Wii U, I don't regret buying it whatsoever!