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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo E3 bingo!

It's not E3 if there isn't a bingo card along with it.

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That's good stuff :D

I thought Xenoblade had more fans...

Needs more water. I expect Wave Race Red Typhoon and Endless Ocean 3.

KLXVER said:
I thought Xenoblade had more fans...

 depends on what site you go to. VGchartz had a lot of Xenoblade fans

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The GameXplain one is pretty much a free space :v

Also give us the empty table so we can send our predictions!

The virtual console is also a given, they're not going to gift games for free and my wii's Nintendo account thing died with that consoles online ability.

As for Skylanders Amiibo if you mean cross functional figures there is already DK and Bowser who are both a Amiibo and a Skylander figure in one. Came out with Super chargers on the Wii and WiiU complete with their own vehicles.

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Where's my Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga remake square ??

Vanquish 2/ Bayonetta 3 exclusivity Switch/PC ??

Beyond Good & Evil 2 ??

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i just want more Reggie and Bill memes


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