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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - The Nintendo Switch will have paid online. And it's all your fault.

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I'm in a really bad mood right now. Considering the amount of work I have right now, I was expecting this presentation to brighten my week. But nope.

What was shown was almost exciting. Almost. The thing definitively has better 3rd party support than the U, at least in theory, a lot of great Nintendo titles, it even has Bomberman! When did that happen, Konami?

And even after all that, I could not enjoy the presentation due to a key factor. Nintendo, like the rest of console manufacturers, has decided to create a fee to access multiplayer online. Right now, all major consoles have their online blocked by a fee. An online sercive which is weaker and more expensive than the internet I'm using from my computer. And it's just pathetic. Nintendo could have easily kept their online services free and gained a decent advantage against their competitors, right? Or it could have, you know, kept its head above the trend and not develue their own games like that. Can you imagine how expensive is playing a Nintendo game going to be? Aside from the exclusive console and the price of the game, you will need to buy the DLC plus the Amiibos that unlock content AND pay the online fee to play with your friends! Are they really that greedy?

But you know who's really to blame? Are the executives of Nintendo to blame? No, they just follow the most money-wise decision. Are the investers to blame? No, they just want money. Do you know who's really to blame here for this madness here?

You. The consumer. You did this.

You allowed this to happen. You bought into the XBox Live services with the OG and the 360, and did not complain. When the PS4 took its ffree online away, you did not care, too bussy praising the console's wonders after that XBOne reveal, and made it into the best selling system of the gen by far. And now with Nintendo? Do I see people complaining about this in droves, with a push similar of that from the XBOne reveal to undo this? No. You just assumed it''s the normal thing, to pay for a service you've already paid. You made it happen, people. The 360 was not hurt finantially or in marketshare for the fees, if anything it helped Microsoft gain some extra cash to cover the 360 costs. The PS4 sure as hell wasn't affected finantially or in marketshare, its profits alone surpass most companies! What is Nintendo going to think? Offering a free service is not a selling point anymore, people doesn't seem to care about it! Of course they are going to jump to the bandwagon, there's no reason not to! Except, you know, some form of respect for the costumer.

I don't care how great the subscription bonuses are, or how cheap it is compared to the other consoles. It should have never affected online multiplayer! All the companies that have adopted this bussiness modelhave no real need to block the online, they just think it's a good idea to push their subscriptions! That is theft, is the kidnapping of half of the game you bought in exchange for a monthly ransom!

Shame on you Microsoft for making this thing popular, shame on you Sony for putting them on the PS4 and imitating the worst habit of your competitor, shame on you Nintendo for caving into the money pressure and definitively killing free online on consoles, and shame ond you consumers for letting this thing become popular!

I need to fucking sleep right now.


Also, what is up with the Mario game? Didn't they learn from Sonic 06 that mixing the real world with cartoony characters can end up in disaster?

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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Don't blame me, I haven't paid for online since like 2008 when I tried Xbox live for 3 months. As a PC gamer I find the practice shady.

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Tl;dr LOL but honestly Nintendos online service is horrific. If paying provides me with a functional service then so be it. Definitely a sad state of affairs, but if we get monthly goodies like Virtual Console games im all for it. We also dont know the pricepoint.

I mean you cant really blame Nintendo at all. I mean all people did was complained about the Wii U's online even though it was free, so if you didn't want to pay for online they should of been careful what they wished for and praised Nintendo for free online but nope. At least this means a better online service and you get a free virtual console game each month. At the end of day people shouldn't blaming Nintendo if they aren't going to blame Sony and Microsoft as well as consumer themselves. I'd gladly support Nintendo's online service many of my favourite Nintendo games are best with their online feature plus free virtual console games sounds like a nice bonus!

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Actually Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 battle were cult classics that were beloved!

As for the price factor. Just like the point you made, everyone is bitching and crying right now and they are going to pony up the cash and buy the damn thing if they really want it. Go on Twitter and other social media and you'll see more people like this:

VGChartz is having a meltdown and a lot of Nintendo fans on Reddit are butt hurt as well. Yet all the none Nintendo fans are blasting their jizz over the social media. I think the reaction seems to be quite positive overall.

did they name the price though? i mean it could be like a quid a month you know. It aint the end of the world but yeh it will suck now to have to pay too subscribtions psn and nintendo net

I'm not paying for online, I'm paying for the games.

Last year I got Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition, Murdered: Soul Suspect, WWE 2K16, The Crew, Sunset Overdrive, The Wolf Among Us, Lords of the Fallen, Thief and many more for Xbox One
Burnout Paradise, Forza Horizon, Mirror's Edge, XCOM, Dead Space, GRID 2, Saints Row IV, Borderlands, Gears of War 2, Deus Ex Human Revolution and many more for Xbox 360
all for about 33€.

That is a fantastic deal and I'm happy to pay for another year.

I pay for PSN for monthly games and the discount being a PS+ member gives when buying digitally (which I do regularly) more than paying for itself over the course of a year.

Nintendo can't do that though, I mean, what would they even give away? Console only has two confirmed games on release day.

That and... What.. pier to pier online play? Nintendo doesn't have the infrastructure or services to charge for online play.

NATO said:
I pay for PSN for monthly games and the discount being a PS+ member gives when buying digitally (which I do regularly) more than paying for itself over the course of a year.

Nintendo can't do that though, I mean, what would they even give away? Console only has two confirmed games on release day

They've already stated that subscribers of this service will get free virtual console games each month