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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Say Nintendo partners with S-E, which would you prefer if you could only choose one?

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What game would you prefer?

Super Mario RPG 2 69 47.92%
Xenogears Remake 28 19.44%
Final Fantasy VII Remake 32 22.22%
See Results 15 10.42%

Wouls you prefer a Xenogears remake, a Super Mario RPG 2, or the Final Fantasy VII remake.


I obviously choose the Xenogears remake. It could signify two games in seperate Xeno series making their way one home console, and with two companies sharing the bills and profit, Takahashi may be able to realize his full vision of that game, and sequels. Hell, they could also bring Xenosaga HD to the switch (which is known to be a magical funding fairy away from happening) and you could experience the whole Xenoverse on the switch. 


This would mean Takahashi may have to take a step back as director, and become more of the overseer of the Xenoverse, but he and Soraya Saga could easily just come up with character designs, story, and as I said, oversee the projects. It could mean a start to the Xeno empire. 


But what about you?

(Edit) I have only used these options because I wanted to keep this discussion focused. There are a million things I could have put, but wouldn't really require a Nintendo partnership (Crystal Chronicles, Bravely), or just didn't seem financially sound (a partnership with Nintendo for a FF VI remake). The options here are simply games that need a collaboration (Xenogears, SMRPG2) or are already in development and may need a little bit of wheel greasing to come out on NS (FF VII Remake). These simply are the 3 easiest options I could see coming from Nintendo and SE.

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Super Mario RPG2. Assuming it is more like the SNES version and not the ds/3ds versions.

The FF7 remake I can just get on another system.

You are bound to love Earthbound.

Personally I would say SMRPG2 because FFVII:R is already being made in other platforms but SMRPG2 won't ever be unless both SE and Nintendo does it.


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Can I chose a sequel/prequel to Xenogears 5? It's rather strange to only have the fifth entry of a series and nothing else.

Mario RPG 2. It needs to happen this damn century!

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Super Mario RPG 2, all the way!

Next would be a Xeno collection (with PS1/PS2 games) and last the FFVII remake, which has a lot of question marks.

1.- Final Fantasy 6 remake.
2.- Super Mario RPG 2
3.- Nothing else.

A new IP, but not something that tries too much to be for kids/cute.


Or screw SE, go to Sega and WOW, and make Skies of Arcadia 2.

Hiku said:

Can I chose a sequel/prequel to Xenogears 5? It's rather strange to only have the fifth entry of a series and nothing else.

Well, you gotta think that they'd need episode 5 as the entry point to test interest. It'd be far easier to get people on board with financing if it isn't from the ground up new. The story, characters, events and gears are already laid out, it'd just need updating visually, if you want to see later entries, I'd just figure people would go Gears Remake.

I always prefer new games to remakes.