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Forums - Gaming Discussion - [Rumor]Final Fantasy IX Remastered Possibly Coming to PlayStation Vita

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It would be nice, but I don't trust resumes either, people are known to lie a lot on resumes.


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It would be so awesome if they released a port for PS4.
It would be so awesome if they did it for like... every FF.

I'll believe it when i see it.

I guess it will be kind of live FF7 on PS4.

Why not PS4 as well? For that matter, why haven't they ported VIII to PS4? They ported the Steam version of VII, it can't be 'that' hard to get VIII or even IX on there too.

Would be sweet if they can port FFIX to PS4, I'll definitely buy it again.

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I would replay it on vita on a sale, the steam version was good ^_^

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You guys know that the PSone version of 9 is on the Vita already right? for €9.99 just missing achievements since it's directly the Psone game looks very nice on the little OLED screen too.

As for this resume cap... funny that it would be a team of 9 people, a Vita port getting a bigger team than the PC version of Arkham Knight working on it would be lols

Doubt anything will come of this though sadly myself. Like I said the Vita already has access to the game and it has been on sale a number of times for as low as €5 I doubt they think there is a wad of cash to be made from bringing a remaster to the vita now.

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Wait - if this is done in Unity, why not include other platforms as well? (X1, WiiU, N3DS)

I predict NX launches in 2017 - not 2016

I'd feel severely disappointed if IX were to happen to Vita (and eventually PS4, it's obvious), but VIII on Ps4 doesn't happen, at all.

Bandorr said:
I played 9. I beat 9. I enjoyed 9.

It is leaps and bounds over 8 and that god awful draw system.

But I'm not going to replay it without new content.

But it's not leaps and bounds over that encounter rate control and card game item system :)

Love 9 over 8 as well, but 8 has too many good things to be a bad game based on one design choice.


Edit: Now that I think about it, the draw system is an easier way to grind in addition to the battles you win.  The major difference is that you can gain stat upgrades from just exploring areas and in many places without worry of getting into battles, or just equip No Enc and explore.  It's a different take on FF games of the past where the encounter rate wasn't controllable and had a high rate.  Exploring was practically punishing back then.

Magic takes a downturn, yes, but I don't really mind as the essence of being an RPG comes out even more through this route.  Stat building and comparing is at the heart of an RPG, even moreso than strategy.

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