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Forums - Gaming Discussion - With PS4K, Does The PS4 Have Any Exclusives?

if its only on PS3, PS4, PS4K or Vita its an exclusive

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A Windows 10 PC isn't closed within Microsoft's ecosystem, you can download Steam, Origin, etc. meanwhile, the PS4 Neo is closed within the PS4 ecosystem, so it's a completely different thing.

I think everyone in this thread understands and agrees that the two scenarios aren't even remotely comparable, even the ones who claim to agree with you, heck I'd say even you yourslef know why this is a ridiculous comparison.

You still need a PS4 to play PS4 exclusives, wether that is a PS4 (original SKU) or a PS4 Neo. Should we also say that no Nintendo handheld ever has had any exclusives because the next iteration of Nintendo handhelds have always been backwards compatible? Or that the PS3 and Xbox 360 didn't have any exclusives because the PS3 Slim could play PS3 games and the X360S could play 360 games?

WTF ?!


zero129 said:

MS released the baseline X1. But instead of releasing a more powerful one they have giving you the option of building or buying a more powerful W10 Machine


Xbox = MS

W10 = MS


PC != MS


HW != SW (OS)

PCs runing W10 are not Microsofts "machines" the just use MS OS on it. They could also use Steam OS or any other.

The right questions is
1) Ps4 Neo will be have huge different performance on the games. Will see for example U4 to run 1080p 60 fps on ps4 Neo?Developers will be bother to do that in all games?

2)Will be cost 299 to confirm that is a slim console plus more powrfull? or will be 400 that means new new ps4 and Sony screw as for good?

3) Sony talk about all that now or on E3?

4) Sony don't talk about that never and release the new ps4 quiet like CH11 CH 12 models ?

5)Sony loosing sells because all the rumors?

6) Why Sony killing us and don't say nothing?

7)PS4 is already 40 plus milions when will  celebrate for that?

8) When VGC update the numbers ?

Come on guys wiil must see forward and think all that more realistic and more about the future of PS



I mean its exclusive to PS4 no? Sure there are different onces but its still a PS4.

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Already getting ready for the next round of list wars I see...


The PS5 Exists. 

My head hurts...

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zero129 said:
HylianYoshi said:
Are you serious?

I am deadly so.

PS4 games being playable on the PS4k is no different then MS allowing their games to be played on Their Windows 10 systems using their windows 10 store.

This is completely different.

To play w10 games i do not need an xbox.

To play ps4 games i need a ps4/ps4k.

Any attempt to downplay Sony stuff, am I right?

GribbleGrunger said:
Already getting ready for the next round of list wars I see...

That's gonna be one of the most boring list wars of all time.

The copy&paste war.

I mean thanks to the stupid PS4k neither of the consoles will have exclusives anymore. Who would buy a console that has no exclusives???

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