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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Twilight Princess HD: Did you start off with Normal Mode or Hero Mode?

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This is something that has kind of bugged me: When the game came out, I immediately assumed that most people would just start off by playing Normal Mode. But pretty much every single LPer/streamer I've seen playing the game has been using Hero Mode, for whatever reasons. For those of you who got the game, which mode did you start with?

Refresher: Hero Mode is entirely mirrored from Normal Mode with a right handed Link, no heart drops, and double damage intake.

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Hero mode with Ganondorf's amiibo it's the right way to play TP HD


One of TP's most publicized flaws is how mind-numbingly easy it was. Of course most people are going to play it at a higher difficultly level. Most people like to at least have the slight possibility of dying when they play a video game.

Well, this is new.


Hero mode.

If I do get it, I'm going to want to start with Hero Mode to make it harder...but at the same time I was looking forward to playing the "mirrored" (but not actually mirrored if you played the Gamecube one) version. Playing in Hero Mode will just be the same as playing the Wii version...

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THE GAME IS ALREADY TOO HARD AS IT IS! lol jk. Well I never played TP before so I went to the regular version.  

When I inevitably get it, I'll start with Hero Mode. I've beaten normal mode enough times already.

Started with Hero Mode plus Ganondorf amiibo!

I would like to see a race of this game in AGDQ with 4 speed runners, all in hero mode + ganondorf amiibo

Honestly, I don't find it overly easy at all. I've just reached Lakebed Temple and I've died twice so far. It's certainly not difficult, but I never felt it was easy to a detrimental degree.

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