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Metal Gear Solid had the most impact on me but Shadow of the Colossus, FF6 and FF7 aren't far behind. There are tens of games I played that are extremely satisfying in their own different ways though.

I can't compare a game like Crash Team Racing to ICO, for instance. They're both amazing but in very different ways. CTR is not the unforgettable influential experience ICO is but when it comes to pure gameplay fun, it's second to none!

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SanAndreasX said:
Final Fantasy VII, easily. There are other great games but none come close.


I really wish I could play through FFVII, but my copy doesn't work.

My top 3 I can't see changing ever
3.Super Smash Bros. Melee
2.Street Fighter II
1.Final Fantasy X

BraLoD said:
Azuren said:
BraLoD said:
Wright said:

Hard question. I wouldn't be able to narrow it down to one, but whenever this question takes place I always think of either Final Fantasy IX, Metal Gear Solid or Demon's Souls.

Fixed it for you

Demon's Souls is great. 

Was never much for MGS, so I don't have a dog in that fight. 

IX was the worst character design in the series. Yes, I'm including XIII.

FF IX is a freaking masterpiece. 

I disagree. It was an unmemorable story with boring-to-obnoxious characters who themselves had atrocious designs. Zidane tries to be fun-loving and perverted (Like Butz/Bartz), but instead comes off as trying too hard. Kuja tries to be deliciously evil (like Kefka), but instead just ends up being annoying and unpleasent. The most popular character is a Black Mage (*wretch*) for crying out loud. There's a problem with your game if the favorite character is freaking Orco.

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The first crash bandicoot. One of, if not my earliest memory is booting up my PlayStation, inserting the disk, hearing that heavenly PlayStation tune when loading up a game, reading "naughty dog" and "universal interactive studios" (I know, I'm sad) and then hearing the crash bandicoot theme. As soon as I pressed new game and spun into my first box I knew this was my favourite game then and proud to call it my favourite game now, it's such a shame to see a once great franchise turn to dust. After wrath of cortex I just couldn't play the new ones, they just weren't the same, other than crash tag team racing for the PSP but even then I hardly put any time into it and soon lost interest, ever since then I've wanted a reboot, I hoped for one during the ps3 years, that never happened and now I'm hoping a reboot comes to the PS4 but I'm not holding my breathe.
Just think of how well a crash reboot would sell, I know some people won't like this but my dream would be for Sony to get the rights for it again, have it be a PS exclusive, I say this because I feel that Sony would let the team working on it have complete control and they could also have help from naughty dog about the direction of the game, not the production. Also make it come to ps4 and PS vita with cross buy, that would be amazing or even just make the reboot only on ps4 and a new crash team racing for vita......a guy can dream XD

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I have a top 5 but I really like The Wind Waker

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Pokemon Colosseum. Its sequel, XD: Gale of Darkness is a close second (they're pretty much the same game anyway). I've played through each of those games 3 times, and will likely do it again! They have aged phenomenally, yet I would love to see a remake.

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