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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - What is VGChartz's opinion on Super Mario Sunshine?

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      I have been wondering for a while what does the VGChartz community think of Sunshine, which is why I made this thread. The 3D Mario games are considered to be the among the best video games ever made, but most of the time Sunshine doesn't fall into that category. In my opinion, Sunshine is indeed the weakest 3D Mario out there. It's not necessarily a bad game, but it has many frustrating moments.

      Corona Mountain is not fun in the slightest and Watermelon Festival can also go die in a fire. I did have some fun with the game, don't get me wrong, but every time I think of Mario Sunshine I think of Corona Mountain or that god damn pinball level! I'm actually OK with FLUDD in Sunshine, but I still prefer a game like Mario 64 in terms of platforming. One last thing I would like to mention is the camera. I've seen many people complain about it, but I thought it was pretty decent and actually better than in Mario 64 ( not by much though).

      So, what do you think? Is Mario Sunshine a bad 3D Mario game or is it actually a prety good game?

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IMHO Sunshine is the best in the whole series, no question! It has the open world of 64 but better in every way. I don't like the limitations and restrictions of Galaxy/3D World.

It was a love/hate relationship at first.

Bought it day 1 at Circuit City.

Hated it at first - however as I played it more and years later played it again - became one of my most favorite platformer games ;o.

Ironically the same thing happened to Banjo-Kazooie which is one of my top 5 favorite platformers of all time.

I plan to play it again for the 4th time soon.


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It's a great, very fun, and interesting game that gains unnecessary criticism from the crowd for mostly unknown reasons. FLUDD made gameplay fresh and interesting, being able to hover like a jet pack, blast into space, and go at high speeds. I really don't get the dislike for it : P



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worst game of the series by far

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I really need to play this game :/

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I liked it. Its a good game. It grows on you, if you give it a chance.
Not as great as the galaxy games but still pretty darn good.

I dont understand why so many people hate on it.

really great, so hard yet so satisfying, 2nd favorite compared to galaxy 2, should fix a few camera issues on re release

One of the best and most iconic games I've ever played. Don't know why it gets all the hate tho. Maybe because it was hard to come up with something better than Mario 64?

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Best 3D mario game period