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Forums - Sales Discussion - November NPD 2015 predictions thread

November is a 4 weeks month.

Important release:



Possible hardware impact:

- PS4 bundle Call of Duty: Black Ops III ( $429); PS4 bundle Star Wars battlefront normal ( $349) + LE ( $399)
- XB1 Fallout 4 + Fallout 3 bundle ( $399); XB1 bunndle Rise of the Tomb Raider + Tomb Raider ( $399)
- Wii U bundle Splatoon + Super Smash Bros ( $249)
- 2DS Yokay Watch bundle ( $99)

- Black Friday deals



Last month:

[XB1] 303,000
[PS4] 275,000
[3DS] 110,000
[WIU] 65,000


Last year:

[XB1] 1,231,000
[PS4] 831,000
[3DS] 515,000
[WIU] 240,000


2015 predictions thread

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[PS4] 1,300,000
[XB1] 1,100,000
[3DS] 475,000
[WIU] 400,000

[PS4 ] 1.14m

[X1] 1.08m

[3DS] 405k

[Wii U] 310k

ps4: 920k
xb1: 880k
Wii U:225k
3ds: 425k

+ limited Call of Duty-PS4-Console
+ limited STAR WARS-PS4-Console


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I think is time for bump this thread.
Anyway, some news which should help to predict

Also, from the "mini US"
Black Friday week:
PS4: 139,000
XB1: 135,000

Ps4 1.3m
Xbox 0.95m

How dare you call Need for Speed an important release!

Anyway I really can't predict anything beyond saying I think PS4> 1 million, Xb one

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PS4] 1,140,000
[XB1] 990,000
[3DS] 440,000
[WIU] 270,000

PS4: 1120k
XBO: 960k
Wii U: 320k
3DS: 450k